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Owen in a Dump Truck

Back in 2011 I posted some pictures of Owen in his dump truck…

January 2009
Owen Tractor #1

May 2011


September 2012 (I know…a little late…)

I sure love that little man!


Growing Up

There is a song on on of our kiddo CD’s by Raffi called “I Wonder If I’m Growing”. It’s a sweet little song and makes me a bit teary every time I hear it…

Even with little itty-bitty munchkins like mine, it all goes so fast.

I Wonder if I’m growing
I Wonder if I’m growing
My mom says yes I’m growing
But it’s hard for me to see
My mom says eat your sandwich
It will make you grow up tall
But when I eat my sandwich
I’m hardly bigger at all
And I wonder if I’m growing
I wonder if I’m growing

My mom says yes I’m growing
But it’s hard for me to see
My mom says wash your hands now
Then you can go and play
Hey! I can reach the tap now
For the very first time today.
And I think I must be growing
Oh I know I’m really growing
My mom says yes I’m growing
And now I know it’s true.

Owen – January 2009 with his new dump truck

Owen – May 2011

My new favorite pic of Owen

Nightly Routine

Every night Owen takes his “buddies” to bed, and every night we don’t know what we will find when we go to check on him…

The “buddies” are usually lined up, tucked in, sometimes they even get the pillow

Danny lines the cars up on the end of Owen’s bed, turns him around and tucks him back in


To Owen, the biggest complement is to call someone “Uncle”. This all started with Danny’s brother Bryan (aka unka byan), then Uncle Chris. Then Danny’s sister became Uncle Katy (much to her dismay).

Shortly after Katy was dubbed Uncle Katy (back in July) my sister arrived from North Carolina. Kaeley and Katy sound pretty similar and Owen couldn’t say Kaeley, so my sister was also called Uncle Katy.

My sister brought the movie “Cars” with her when she visited and Owen watched it multiple times a day when he was recovering form his surgery…

The “Cars” characters have become Owen’s favorites. Especially Lightening McQueen.

Lightning McQueen is now known as “Uncle Queen” around our house.



Tractor Tipping

Owen re-creating his favorite scene from the movie Cars…

Tractor Tipping!




Truck Stuck Freezer

We’ve been experiencing a few tantrums with Owen lately. While he was laying on the floor throwing a fit he thought that he saw one of his trucks under the refrigerator.

Owen became so obsessed with this truck. Owen, Grace and I were all on the floor with the flashlight trying to see this truck. Neither Grace or I could see a truck, only alphabet magnets. But Owen was absolutely certain it was there.

“Poor truck.”
“Truck is stuck under freezer.”
“Move freezer, please, Mommy.”
“Truck scares Mommy.”

This went on for nearly an hour. I convinced him that when Daddy got home we would try to move the fridge.

Unfortunately it was too heavy.

About once a day Owen remembers the truck and goes and looks under the fridge.

“Truck stuck Mommy?”




Truck SmilingP1070831

“Owie get it!”P1070833

Cars, Dirt, Blackberries

We’ve been picking blackberries lately.

Grace took these photos of Owen and his latest obsession…anything from the movie Cars…




Summer Truckin’

The fun thing about summer…

The trucks come outside and you can play with them on the porch railing…It’s just one big road!








Working, Mommy!

Owen was out on the porch with all his trucks and tractors. As usual, he was parking and re-parking and driving them around on their little picnic table. The ultimate for Owen is to get to put his riding tractor up on the table too, as I have posted before.









Naturally, I took pictures of this before I took him off of the tractor. Look at that happy face!

After I pulled him off of the tractor he proceeded to throw a bit of a tantrum and was yelling at me and hitting at me and saying “Working, Mommy! Working, Mommy!”

On a different day I came home and the kids were playing outside, I went to the front and out the front window I could see Owen on his tractor halfway down the stairs. I ran to get the camera but he was getting off of the tractor by the time I got back. He had made it down two steps and was partway onto the third by the time he climbed off. Little daredevil!


As a Mother of a Boy…

I should have known about…

Luckily Daddy knows all about it.

Owen will come up to him when he is working on his computer and say “tractor, please, Daddy!”

Danny pulls up and they watch videos of tractors driving around…


Good times for everyone…


Oh no, what’s happening?!?!?


A tractor crash?!?!


Phew, that one was close!