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Another Debate: Daisy’s Gender

Most of Grace and Owen’s debates seem to occur first thing in the morning. I guess they have rested up. This one always happens just as they come down the stairs. Daisy is always waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs…

Grace: “Oh, Daisy, you’re such a good girl!”
Owen: “Daisy is not a girl! Daisy IS a boy, Grace! Good boy, Daisy!”
Grace: “Owen! Daisy is a girl.”
Owen: “She is not, Grace, Daisy is such a good boy! (Petting Daisy) Oh, Daisy, you’re such a good boy!
Grace: “Mommy, Daisy is a girl isn’t she?”
Me: “Yes, she is.”
Owen: “She is not a girl, MOMMY!”
Me: “Owen, if Daisy were a boy, she would have boy private parts.” (Yes, I used the actual word, just being careful on the blog…)
Owen: “hmmm.” (pauses) “Oh, good boy, Daisy!!”

Another Debate: Breakfast

Owen eats peanut butter bread for breakfast every day, and he has done this every day for at least 7-8 months.

Grace used to as well, but then started mixing things up by adding in cereal.

Pretty riveting, huh?

At the old house they often would eat breakfast while watching PBS cartoons.

Since moving to the new house they sit at the table together and eat breakfast. You know, good quality, family time.

And every day, EVERY DAY, every day (did I mention this was daily?) they argue about whose breakfast is good and whose is gross.

Owen: “Oh, yumm, peanut butter bed is so good.”
Grace: “No, Owen, peanut butter bread is icky, cereal is so good!”
Owen: “Grace! It’s not icky! That’s not fair! Cereal is icky for me! Peanut butter bed is so yummy!”
Grace: “Owen, this is so good, you should just try it! Do you want a bite of cereal?”
Owen: “Grace, cereal is not yummy for me! That hurts my feewings! Peanut butter bed is good for me!”

And as I may have mentioned, this happens EVERY DAY! They both start the argument, it isn’t always the same one being the instigator. And the other kiddo ALWAYS falls for it.

And they both have their own little ways of arguing and trying to pull the other one in to the argument, because, after all, what fun is it when the other doesn’t take the bait?

And me? Well, it just may send me over the edge…Luckily, I have my coffee and my computer and I can pretend I don’t hear it…

Oh, and this type of debate does extend to lunch as well. Mustard? Mayonnaise? Turkey? Cheese? Grace is in favor of all of those things and well, they are all “yucky” for Owen…

Another Debate: Icky Beavers

We have smart children, it’s no secret.

When they see a picture of this

they instinctively know to say “icky beavers!”

Well, an additional instinct that they seem to have is to argue…

The conversation started about the fact that they had green and yellow cups, Go Ducks! Owen agreed (naturally).

Then the more that Grace talked about it…We only want the Ducks to win because we are Ducks fans. Who would want Beavers to win? Who would cheer for the Beavers?

Well, Owen’s instinct to argue kicked in.

Grace: “You wouldn’t want the Beavers to win would you!?!?”
Owen: (weakly) “yeah”
Grace: (gasping)”Mommy! He said he wants the Beavers to win!!!” (as if he may get in trouble for it…which we will never openly admit to)
Me: “Of course he did, it’s the opposite of what you said!”
Grace: “Owen, that’s icky Beavers, if you cheer for the Beavers then you have to smell them!”

And clearly, Grace is our winner in this debate. A debate not based on feeling, but clear facts. I mean really, who would want to smell an icky Beaver?