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Pics at the Beach

We had a couple of beautiful days at the beach and I got some good pics of the rascals.

Fun in Newport

While my sister was visiting from NC back in July, we went on a trip to the coast. We did some fun stuff with the kiddos and then on one of the days that Danny was there we (just me and Kaeley) were able to go to Newport and Nye Beach.

My sis and I took the kids to the Hatfield Marine Science Center. I love this place! The Aquarium has gotten ridiculously expensive so we usually stop at the Science Center instead.

After the Science Center we went to lunch at the Chowder Bowl down in Nye Beach. YUM!

Giant Smores

On our trip to the cabin we made kids giant s’mores with some of those super big marshmallows. They were in heaven, ate the entire things, and wanted more.

It wasn’t until a bit later that Owen had a bit of a bellyache…

Something Nasty in the Woodshed

On a recent trip to the coast, Owen found a snake in the woodshed.

Fortunately, it was warm enough that we didn’t need to have a fire because I refused to go anywhere near that shed.

Owen was so excited that he was yelling at anyone who walked by the cabin that he found a snake. And of course, he took the picture…

Hot Cocoa at the Cabin

On our Spring Break trip to the coast the weather was lousy at times. But that is always made better by hot cocoa and sibling silliness.

Spring Break Coast Trip

At the end of Spring Break we headed over to the coast for a couple of days. The kids and I were on the tail-end of colds (surprise, surprise) and the weather wasn’t great. But we still had fun.

We had a delicious dinner out to celebrate my b-day and Danny’s (from back in February).

The first day we couldn’t even go down to the beach because the wind and rain were so bad. The second day was better and we went down to check out the beach and the creek to see how they had changed after some recent storms.

The creek was bigger, moving faster and deeper than last time. Grace even got to her waist when she stepped in a bad spot. The rubber boots only help so much.

Lessons Learned at the Coast

When you need to go potty…don’t lean up against the rock you are peeing on…

At the End of the Day

After the adventures at Seal Rock State Wayside we went back to the cabin and had roasted marshmallows.

And then they crashed…

Seal Rock State Wayside, Part 2

The kids had so much fun at Seal Rock State Wayside.

There were some neat rocks for them to climb on and lots of places to explore.

Tide was just starting to come in and there were some other people on the beach that told us that this part of the beach would be completely gone during high tide. We decided to make our adventure a short one so that it didn’t become a wet one…

Seal Rock State Wayside, Part 1

Over the New Year holiday we went to the beach. We decided to go on an “adventure” to Seal Rock State Wayside. There is a parking lot where you can walk down stairs and a path to the beach…but that’s not adventurous enough for us! We had to park at the next pullout and climb down to the beach.

As Grace and I were still heading down, Danny, Owen and Daisy were already on the beach…

After Danny got Owen to the beach, he came back to help Grace…

When we got down to the beach, this is where we found Owen…

Little man does not need much help…
In fact, sometimes you have to hold him back

Exploring on the rocks