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Bye-Bye Baby Belly Update #1

The first day that I posted about my new personal goal I did my yoga routine. The next three days we were at the coast so I didn’t do it. I did do other minimal exercise like walking around slowly on the beach…

I recently purchased a workout video with the thought that while the kids are napping I would be able to do it since working out alone out of the home doesn’t seem to be an easy option right now. And I admit I am looking for as easy as possible. The video that I got is called 3-Mile Weight Loss Walk. In searching for the right video I found this site where you can read about the videos and watch clips before you buy them. I picked this one simply because the woman didn’t seem too annoying (harsh, huh?) and one of the people in the video had cute clothes that I didn’t mind looking at. Pretty deep criteria. I also wanted to do walking and 3 miles seemed like a good amount.

I have done the video for two out of the last two days. I haven’t done the entire video but the first day I did one mile and the second day I did two miles. Grace walked with me both days, and I am happy to report that I outlasted my 4 year old both days which is really all any mother can hope for!

Yesterday after Grace got tired she was sitting on the couch behind me while I was still doing the video and this is what she said,

“Momma, you look taller. Are you getting taller?”

It wasn’t exactly what I was going for or expecting, but I’ll take it! I told her she could tell me that anytime she wanted:)