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Grace’s Braces

Grace’s smile changed yesterday. She got braces.

I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get braces on. She counted down for days and then in the last 24 hours all she said was “this is the last time I’ll do ‘whatever’ without braces!” (put on pj’s, eat dinner, eat toast, brush my teeth, ride in the car, etc…). She read the paperwork from the orthodontist from front to back and knows all “the rules” of what she can and can’t eat, how to brush, how to floss. And Grace loves rules so I am sure she’ll have the healthiest little mouth.

She lost her last baby tooth the night before her appointment, so we also had the last visit from the Tooth Fairy…She’s had a lot of changes in that little mouth for being only 9.

She did a great job during the appointment (especially compared to when she started orthodontia a couple of years ago) and afterwards we got fried rice, milk shakes and Yumm bowls.

She already had such a pretty smile. Now it’s brighter and shinier…

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