Mighty Monster- Grace
High Maintenance- Grace
High Maintenace #2- Owen
Orange Kitty- Grace
Fat Boy- Bobcat

Grandma Annie- Darcy’s Mom
Grandpa Annie- Darcy’s Dad
Grandma Ruby- Danny’s Mom
Grandpa Ruby- Danny’s Stepdad

Imaginary Friends
Jill “the boy”
Jill “the girl”

an annie and ruby- tuna fish sandwich with oval cheese (provolone)
a bob and may- peanut butter and honey sandwich
green noods- noodles with pesto sauce
noods- noodles
nummy-nums- deer
orange kitty soup- tomato soup
orange kitty chips- doritos
oval cheese- provolone
potades- potatoes
sabagetti- spaghetti
sam and pearl- peanut butter and jelly sandwich
scones- yogurt
toby and casper- tuna fish sandwich
toot and treebie- tuna fish sandwich with cheddar cheese

Boley- Grace’s blankets (aka boley-laney)
big browns- bigger shoes with tread (more like hiking boots)
the da da-da da-da song- Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley, Grace’s favorite song
GO DUCKS- University of Oregon Ducks football
GO DUCKS Day- Game day
kitty house- Ronald McDonald House
little browns- little mary jane shoes. We keep getting her a new pair each time she grows out of the old ones, some have been brown, the last pair was navy but still called “little browns”
Miney or Minny- Owen’s blanket
pod- potty
dad pod- when Daddy holds you outside so you can go potty
mom pod- one of the big public toilets with the loud flusher
Snuggly Warms- warm cozy clothing
snuggs- snuggles/snuggling

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