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Fashion Sense

Grace has still got a special sense of fashion…


Pink long sleeved and embroidered shirt, purple glittery dress, Go Ducks beaded necklace, pink ruffled leggings, Go Ducks socks, black and blue plaid slippers.


Funky Fashion:Edition 6-Gold Headbands

Gold headbands, just like Olivia Newton John (not that Grace would even know who that is…) and snow boots again…

And don’t forget that smile…

Funky Fashion: Edition 4

Snow Bunny…

It’s all about the boots

I think the lack of pants makes her look taller…

Funky Fashion: Edition 3

Grace’s fashion sense has been developing for awhile now. As I was going through some old pictures to archive, I found these….taken October 2, 2008


Perfect for picking crab apples, especially the click-clock shoes.


Funky Fashion: Edition 2

Because Grace is so tiny, she is able to wear a piece of clothing for years. I buy something a size too big and then she can usually wear it for three years. The first year it’s too big, the second year it fits, the third year it’s a bit short. Depending on what item of clothing it is we can usually work with it.

Dresses are a prime example. We buy them when they hit her shins and by year three she can usually still wear them with shorts or pants. As a result we have implemented the “bend-over” rule. If when you bend over and touch your toes, your underwear shows, you need pants or shorts.

It works for us.

Well, towards the end of the summer Grace came up with this gem of an outfit…

Ok, the girl is five. The shorts are 18 months, the pants are 3T.

She came out and said “do you know why I am wearing these pants?”
Me: “Uh, no Sweetie, why?”
Grace: “I am wearing the pants because the shorts were a little bit too short when I bent over.”

Funky Fashion: Edition 1

One of the blogs that I enjoy reading is Big Mama. She is quite humorous. Every Friday she has a segment called “Fashion Friday”.

While anyone who knows me knows that I could really care less about fashion, I decided to do my own Friday fashion edition based on the keen fashion sense of my 5 year-old daughter.

Starting today I am going to post a few gems. I had originally planned on just doing a single post with many pictures. But, alas, Grace has provided me with more pictures than should be put in one single post…so we will spread them out for your viewing pleasure.

The key with Grace is usually accessories. Blue swim goggles, sheer black ballet skirt (worn in an unexpected manner!) and a pink leotard.P1070776_1

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