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Grace’s Beach Story


Grace wrote the following story at school last week after having spent the weekend at the coast with Grandma and Grandpa…Her spelling is sure coming along nicely!

“I want to go to the ocean and play in the water and play out side, and go to the candy store. I want to play in the sand and play hide and seek and tag and find shells and go for a walk.”

Spelling List

Grace came home from school last week with three lists of 100 words. The lists contain the most common words encountered by young readers. We are supposed to practice  five words a week until she masters them.

Tonight we started. The first word was “the”.  She wrote it down and then I asked her to spell it “T-H-E.” Great, no problem.

The second word was “of”.
Grace: “O-V-E.”
Me: “Uh, let me  use it in a sentence…’I want a bucket of chocolate’.”
Grace: “U-V-E?”
Me: “How about ‘a group of fairies’?”
Grace: “Ugh…Just tell me, I don’t know!”
Me: “O-F.”

Grace: jaw drops, then starts laughing. “Oh, of! That’s funny! I know that one!”
Me: “Well that is a relief!”



Grace: “What are we having for dinner?”
Me: “Some yummy chicken.”
Grace: “We always have chicken!”
Me: “No we don’t, we have lots of different things.”
Grace: “We just had chicken last night.”
Me: “Grace, that was beef, you just choose to call it chicken.”
Grace: “That was chicken!”
Me: “No, and the night before that, do you know what that was?”
Grace: “Chicken?”
Me: “No, it was deer. Do you know what ham is?”
Grace: “Chicken?”
Me: “No, it is pig. So, don’t complain that all we eat is chicken if you call all meat chicken!”

Grace Stories: 12/2/09

Grace: “Mommy, what are ansisters?”
Me: “Ancestors are the people in our family that came before us. People that aren’t alive anymore but that we are related to.”
Grace: “Oh, what are their names?”
Me: “Well, they have a lot of different names, but one is Emma Caroline. That is who you and I are named after since our middle name is Caroline.
Grace: “Oh, do people have anbrothers too?”
Grace, walking into the kitchen: “It smells interesting in here, like when it smells funny outside.”
Me: “You better be careful before you say something not nice about dinner that I am cooking.”
Grace: (with a big smile on her face) “Oh, it smells so good in here, and it smells like dirt!”
Grace: “Does my hair look black to you?”
Me: “No, why?”
Grace: “Because I colored it today at school!”
Grace: “You know, I feel like you just don’t understand me!”
Me: “I got you some peanuts. You seemed to like those at Carly’s house.”
Grace: “Good. Are they the kind with the peanut butter in them?”
Me: “Peanuts don’t have peanut butter in them. Peanut butter is made from peanuts.”
Grace: “We should make some sometime!”
Grace: “You know Mommy, I am such a big girl, I am bigger than all the little people!”
Grace: “Mom, if you need something up high that you can’t reach you can just get me and I’ll climb up and get it for you, ok?”

Grace Quotes


Recently heard from the little princess:

Grace: “Mommy, you know I am fine with this movie because I am so brave. I am so so brave, but not as brave as Owen because he is braver than me especially at things like climbing.”

Grace: (while watching a cheesy 1970’s movie with a princess in it) “I would want that guy to come rescue me too. I feel like I’m going to start shivering I’m so happy!”

Grace: “Mommy, who do you think I’m going to marry?”
Me: “I don’t know, but I hope that he is a very nice boy.”
Grace: “I’m sure he will be such a nice boy because all the bad boys are in jail!”

Grace: “Mommy, is the ocean as deep as the mountains are tall?”

(Grace is flipping channels and stops on a movie.)
Me (as I see the intro credits): “Elvis Presley!?!?”
Grace: “Mommy, what’s a spresley?

Grace: “Mommy, I just figured out if you stuff a bath toy in his mouth he’ll be quiet for about 10 minutes!”

Shy Fairy

What we have here is a Shy Fairy…

She looks so quiet…don’t be fooled…

She’s a rascal…

A rascal that doesn’t like her headband wings to be touched…P1070786

Maybe she’s not so shy…P1070787

Grace: “Mommy, I am so sad because I can’t marry Owen, he’s already married someone.”
Me: “Who did he marry?”
Grace: “I don’t know and now I am never going to find another fairy man to marry. I am just never going to have anyone to marry. I guess I am going to have to live with you forever now that I am a grown-up fairy and can’t find anyone to marry me.”

Tooth Fairy Visit #3

We were visited by the Tooth Fairy again a couple of weeks ago…I just downloaded the pictures…



Grace put her tooth in this sweet little box that some of our friends gave her.

That night the “Tooth Fairy” came to visit and replaced the tooth with some money.

The “Tooth Fairy” looked for the little baggie with Grace’s other teeth in it, but could not find it. So instead, the “Tooth Fairy” put Grace’s tooth on my dresser.

On Friday, Grace was getting something off of my dresser and came in and said “look Mommy!” and in her hand she was holding a tooth.

She currently has two more loose teeth so I thought maybe she had lost another one, but there was no crying or blood.

And then she said “I found this on your dresser, do you think the Tooth Fairy dropped it there?”

Um, yeah, that must be it…

The “Tooth Fairy” needs to be more careful…

Grace’s Writing

Grace has really been into writing lately. She knows all of her upper and lower case letters by sight and has for quite some time, this has really helped with her reading which is also coming along nicely. But, she is also able to write almost all of the letters as well. I hadn’t realized how well she was doing until she started wanting to write names. As long as you can spell the word for her, she can write it…


You can see here on this card she wrote for her Grandma that some of her “E’s” are still a little out of control…


Working Mom



Grace: “What day are Grandma Annie and I going to Barnes and Noble?
Me: “Friday.”
Grace: “Is tomorrow Friday?
Me: “No, it’s Thursday and you will be home all day with Daddy while I go to work.”
Grace: (excitedly) “Oh, good, I like it when you go to work, it means I get to spend all day with Daddy and that’s fun.”
Me: “Oh, that’s good.”
Grace: (dripping with sweetness) “Oh, but I like it when you are home too Mommy, because I love you so much.”
Danny: “Too bad you can’t replicate the tone in her voice.”
Me: “What, for my blog?”
Danny: “Yep…”

Apparently he read my mind as I was already writing it in my head…

Move Over Jessica Simpson…

Danny: “We are going to go home and have tuna fish sandwiches and chips for lunch.”
Grace: “That sounds good. I only like tuna when it’s chicken. You know, I just like it the way it always is…”
Danny (to me): “Who is that girl that says that? Jessica Simpson right?”