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Stupid Freak

We (I) have been having some problems with some of Owen’s words lately. He has added the words “stupid” and “freak” to his vocabulary. Grace is usually the one that gets called “stupid” and he calls me “freak”. Nice, huh?

I have explained that these words aren’t nice and that they hurt feelings, but they just keep slipping out of his sweet little mouth.

I have been giving him time-outs consistently each time he says one of the words and it might be getting better, it is just hard to tell.

But just this morning he looks at me with a little smile and says “bad people are stupid, that’s nice.”

He is obviously trying to figure out in what situations he can say the words. Testing the limits to see what he can get away with. He has learned that Sissy will tell on him. Every time.

This morning I told him “no” when he asked me for something and he got so mad at me and called me a “freak”. I jumped right up and told him to get in the chair for time-out.  He just cried and cried like his little heart was broken (which is an entirely different post).

When he got up I said “what do you say to Mommy for using a bad word?”
Owen: “Thank you, I mean sorry Mommy.”

I won’t even mention my struggles with “damn it”.

Sign Language Poster

Back when we were using signs with Owen to help aid in communication, I made a sign language poster to put on our fridge. I had seen a similar poster on a friends fridge and decided to make my own…

Using a signing book, I made copies of the index of signs and cut them out and glued them onto a piece of scrapbooking paper. This poster made learning/finding a new sign quick and easy.



Owen’s Words


Owen has had an absolute language explosion over the last couple of months. As I think I have mentioned here before, my undergraduate degree was in linguistics so I am particularly curious about my kids’ language acquisition…

Owen has some really cute words that he says that are close to the real thing but not quite. I know as he practices he will get better at his pronunciation, but some of these are just so sweet, I don’t want to forget them.

these first ones, the initial /k/ sound becomes /f/ because of the /f/ later in the word. In words like kitty and car, he can make the /k/ sound just fine…
fiffor- Clifford
foffee- coffee
fareful- careful, “fareful Daddy!” when Danny is bbq-ing.

hocker- helicopter
wowo- bicycle/motorcycle-
-used in a sentence “wo, wowo!” – means “wo, look at that bicycle/motorcycle!”
tattor- tractor
trairor- trailor
beet- jeep
manna- banana
butty- belly button
efut- elephant

wuv yu- love you
chu- two
-used in a sentence “I love you, Owen!”- “chu”
ma mon- come on

Deep Conversations about Fruit

Owen: “Manna!”
Me: “Do you want a banana?”
Owen “Yes! Apple! Orange!” (pointing)
Me: “Do you want an apple?
Owen: “Yes! Orange!”
Me: “Do you want an orange?”
Owen: “Yes! Apple!”
Me: As I pick up an apple “Do you want an apple?”
Owen: “No! Manna!”
Me: holding up one finger “you need to choose just one, okay?”
Owen: “Yes, one, thank you.”
Me: “Okay, which one do you want?”
Owen: “One.”
Me: “Do you want the apple?” I pick it up.
Owen: “NO!”
Me: “Do you want the banana?” I pick it up.
Owen: “NO!”
Me: “Do you want the orange?” I pick it up.
Owen: “YES! Thank you! Fork!”

The Princess Speaks

Warning: Slightly inappropriate story ahead…

Grace helped me make the cake for her birthday. After we were done she was standing at the sink licking the cake batter and then pretending she was making another cake by putting water in the containers. Then she would drink it. It was rather gross. This is the conversation that followed:

Grace: “Mommy, I have a nice cup of coffee here for you. It is steaming hot.”
Me: “Grace, are you drinking it?”
Grace: “Yes, here try some.”
Me: “I am NOT going to drink cake batter water.”
Grace: “Mom, stop being such a pussy and just try it!”
Me: “Uh, Sweetie, where did you hear that word?”
Grace: “I didn’t hear it anywhere.”
Me: “Grace, no one is in trouble, I just wonder where you heard it because it is not a nice word to say.”
Grace: “Oh, I didn’t hear it and I didn’t know that, you know, Bob’s a pussy cat…”

When I called Danny to tell him, the first thing out of his mouth was “I have NOT ever said that to her, I gotta go…”

All that I can figure on this one is that she was confusing pussy-cat and wussy…Danny will tell her to stop being a wus (I’m not sure if that’s even how you spell it…). It’s certainly not a word that you hear around our house much…

Me: “Grace, would you like to have hot dogs, chips, fruit and cake for your birthday dinner?”
Grace: “No, I don’t want those things, maybe when I am ten I will want those things but not right now.”
Me: “Let me rephrase that, we are having hot dogs, chips, fruit and cake for your birthday, how does that sound?”
Grace: “Oh, that sounds really good Mommy!”

Grace: “Mom, I am going to help you clean up all these dishes because it’s my a-possibility.”


Wow–I thought I published this last week but found it in my “drafts” folder. oops.

Owen’s new word on my birthday was “home”.

Isn’t that sweet?

Warm, cozy, love, support, 1985, mauve, Pace Arrow, Winnebago…

Yeah, that’s right. Not “home” as in I love home, I want to go HOME. But rather “home” as in MOTOR HOME!

Yesterday I was at work and Danny and the kids pulled up to get me in our (I tried to type those words really small but it didn’t work) 1985 mauve Pace Arrow Winnebago…

I am 33 years old and I thought I was going to die of embarrassment sitting at my desk when he pulled up, I actually hid behind my computer. I felt like a teenager at high school being picked up by her Dad in some beater car or something, (this never happened, I am just imagining…)

Now said “home “is sitting out in the driveway, in all its glory…



Don’t you think the white picket fence adds to the charm?

Grace on Housekeeping




Danny was in the kitchen filling up Owen’s humidifier and I walked in to tuck Grace in for her nap in our bad. She hears the water running and looks up and says “Who’s doing the dishes?”
Me: “It must be Daddy.”
Grace: “It can’t be Daddy, Daddy doesn’t ever do dishes!”

Grace: “Daddy is sure working hard outside. Mommy why don’t you work?”
(This was a great learning opportunity for Grace…)

Me: “Some of these things are going to go to Goodwill, like this shirt.”
Grace: “Yeah, it would be good for somebody with a smaller head.”

Grace: “Mommy, why are you dusting under things?”
Danny: “Oooh, someone just ratted you out!”

Owen at Two

I realized I have been neglectful in updating about Owen and how he is doing at TWO…

We had his two year check-up on his 2nd birthday, I know nice of me, huh? It was only one shot and he handled it well.

Owen is still in the <5% for height and weight and now his head is down to 55%, so maybe his head and body are evening out. He weighed a wopping 21 lbs, 13 oz, a weight that lots of kids reach by their first birthday, but that’s ok. He actually has put on a pound in about a month which is great for him.

The developmental assessment also went really well. Owen had been behind in language and gross motor skills at 18 months, now he is up to his age in everything and even ahead in some areas. Such a relief!

The doctor agreed with us about discontinuing any visits to the developmental rehab place here in Eugene. Every time we go, they send us in for some scary test like brain MRIs for neurological problems or blood tests for muscular dystrophy. The results have always been normal, but as I wait for results, in my mind he has whatever it is they are testing for. Since his developmental assessment was normal and he is still getting therapy with Early Intervention we figured we would all notice if something wasn’t right.

Six months ago our biggest struggle with Owen was communicating. He has progressed so much in the last 2 months in particular. He still uses some signs- “please”, “airplane”, “thank you”, but he also says “peas” and “tangtu” while he is signing. I don’t know that very many people would understand what he is saying, but we do and it has made a huge difference. Just this morning he was sitting in his high chair and shouted TOAST, which sounds kind of like “dirt”, and then he shouts PLEASE! I asked if he wanted more and he used his newest word “ya”.

When I got Owen out of his crib this morning he kept saying a word, I couldn’t tell if he was saying “bird”, “Burt”, “bug” as they all sound the same, then he said “fell”, and I said, “oh, did the guy fall of the BOAT?” and he said “ya”. His favorite part of the Little Mermaid is when the guy falls off the boat…So he is able to communicate little bits to us, even when it isn’t something that is happening right then.

The only medical issue that we are dealing with right now is the undescended testicle that was detected in our very first ultrasound at Legacy when I was 34 weeks pregnant. On Friday, as my healthy two year-old son was getting his own ultrasound, I couldn’t help but remember 2 years ago when that darn doctor saw his undescended testicle in-utero and said “well, it looks like this baby has multiple abnormalities so we will want to do more testing to see how aggressively we will want to treat this baby.” If he could only see him now! This is the only issue that we are still dealing with from the time he was born. I would expect that we will have to get it taken care of in the next month or so. And of course I’ll keep you updated.

Danny and I have both been reading the Legacy series that I posted about the other day and are reminded just how blessed we have been with Owen’s health. With a birth defect that has a 50% survival rate, you really don’t know which outcome your child will have, but we are thankful and we will never take for granted the blessing of healthy children.

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27






Grace’s Writing

Grace has really been into writing lately. She knows all of her upper and lower case letters by sight and has for quite some time, this has really helped with her reading which is also coming along nicely. But, she is also able to write almost all of the letters as well. I hadn’t realized how well she was doing until she started wanting to write names. As long as you can spell the word for her, she can write it…


You can see here on this card she wrote for her Grandma that some of her “E’s” are still a little out of control…


Working Mom



Grace: “What day are Grandma Annie and I going to Barnes and Noble?
Me: “Friday.”
Grace: “Is tomorrow Friday?
Me: “No, it’s Thursday and you will be home all day with Daddy while I go to work.”
Grace: (excitedly) “Oh, good, I like it when you go to work, it means I get to spend all day with Daddy and that’s fun.”
Me: “Oh, that’s good.”
Grace: (dripping with sweetness) “Oh, but I like it when you are home too Mommy, because I love you so much.”
Danny: “Too bad you can’t replicate the tone in her voice.”
Me: “What, for my blog?”
Danny: “Yep…”

Apparently he read my mind as I was already writing it in my head…