Go Ducks #10

P1160889 (1024x768)

Well, I know that no one is waiting for my “Go Ducks” post to find out whether or not the Ducks won the Civil War game…

For the last several years the game has really been no contest. This year, those Beavers put up a really good fight. The game was actually a close one. It was nice to have a competitive game that wasn’t the Ducks blowing a team out, or worse, being absolutely stomped on (Stanford, Arizona….). It’s always one extreme or the other.

I have to post this picture again of Owen and Daisy’s brother Burt sporting the Oregon “O”…made even more amusing since Burt’s owner (Danny’s brother) is quite the Beaver fan…Doesn’t Burt look so happy? He likes to root for a winning team every once in awhile.

Quote of the Day:
Owen: “it’s not nearly as exciting when the Beavers make a touchdown. I was just sitting here drinking my egg nog and ignoring the tv.”

#13 University of Oregon Ducks – 36
Oregon State Beavers – 35

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