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Grace’s Braces

Grace’s smile changed yesterday. She got braces.

I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get braces on. She counted down for days and then in the last 24 hours all she said was “this is the last time I’ll do ‘whatever’ without braces!” (put on pj’s, eat dinner, eat toast, brush my teeth, ride in the car, etc…). She read the paperwork from the orthodontist from front to back and knows all “the rules” of what she can and can’t eat, how to brush, how to floss. And Grace loves rules so I am sure she’ll have the healthiest little mouth.

She lost her last baby tooth the night before her appointment, so we also had the last visit from the Tooth Fairy…She’s had a lot of changes in that little mouth for being only 9.

She did a great job during the appointment (especially compared to when she started orthodontia a couple of years ago) and afterwards we got fried rice, milk shakes and Yumm bowls.

She already had such a pretty smile. Now it’s brighter and shinier…

P1170036 (338x450) P1170037 (338x450) P1170038 (338x450) P1170039 (338x450) P1170041 (338x450) P1170042 (338x450)


Pumpkin Patch 2013

We went with Grandma and Grandpa to a nearby pumpkin patch…the same one that Danny and I used to go to as kids on class field trips.

P1160856 P1160867


I think we hurried along the loose tooth that Owen has been working on for the past couple of weeks.P1160863



It was a gorgeous day!

Grace’s First Hunting Trip

Danny took Grace on her first hunting trip. They went out one afternoon and stayed out until just after dark.

There was bird watching, apple eating, hiking.

But the only large animal they saw said “moo”.

Tree Climbing – Grace

Back in June we were able to go to an “open house” at Green Island which is part of the McKenzie River Trust. Danny, the kids and I went with Danny’s Grandpa who had actually worked on the land as a kid. It is not open to the public often so it was nice to get to go and walk around. One of the “attractions” they had was tree climbing. Both kids were excited to get in on the action.





Grace did pretty well. She had to work to climb the tree using her feet and the harness to climb. I think she got a bit scared as she got up higher and then was a bit too shy to tell the guy that she was ready to come down. But it was all good…Glad that she tried it!

Mother’s Day Cards

I got some super sweet Mother’s Day cards this year:)

The black spots on the ladybug are Owen’s fingerprints.
Owen's Mother's Day Card 2013

Grace Mother's Day Card 2

Grace Mother's Day Card 1

Dear Mom,

You are pretier than a flower. You are smarter than a bee. I love you and you love me.  Your the best mom ever. I’ll never stop loving you.
Thank you for taking care of me and love me. xoxoxoxoxox.

love, Grace

Birthday Fishing

Grace wanted a special fishing day with Daddy for her birthday last month. Danny took her back to Green Peter and they both caught big ones!

The day started off sunny.
2013-04-13_Green-Peter-Res (2)

But then it got cold and windy
2013-04-13_Green-Peter-Res (3)

The catch

Cute Pants

Grace has had this cute pair of flowery pants since she was about two years old. I got them at a kid’s used clothing store.

The earliest picture that I could find of her wearing them was from April of 2006. Grace was about to turn two years old.



Fast forward seven years and Miss Skinny Ninny is still wearing the same pants. Now they are cute short pants and they still fit her just fine!



Mom Cooking

Grace wrote the following story for a school report about “What if, then?” They were supposed to write down a situation and then give four choices of how to respond, three that were ridiculous and one that was logical.

Mom Cooking
One day you are playing upstairs and the smoke alarms go off because your mom is cooking.

You Should

1. Go run around like crazy.
2. Stay calm and go downstairs.
3. Scream, yell, cry, and shout.
4. Sit down and don’t talk.

Grace- 3rd Grade

“Life flies by in seconds
You’re not a baby Gracie,
you’re my friend
You’ll be a lady soon but until then
You gotta do what I say”

{Ben Folds, from Gracie}

Grace 3rd Grade

Grace is in the 3rd Grade this year and I realized I never posted her school picture…

I have noticed such a difference in Grace this school year. She is growing into such a young lady. She is more confident in herself.

Last year she was so shy. We had to bribe her to get her to talk to her teacher or ask questions in class. She didn’t stand up for herself if her friends or other kids weren’t treating her right.

This year she has blossomed. She has realized that she deserves to be treated well. If someone isn’t doing that then she lets them know it’s not ok and well, they might not deserve to be her friend if they can’t toe the line! She thinks giving presentations in front of the class is fun.

She is such a sweet girl and as always it is a pleasure watching her grow and change as she gets older.