Oh Ducks #1: That Darn Farm

Well, it has been nearly a week since our game against Stanford. I think we are through the mourning period. We have reached the acceptance phase in our grief. I kid. It is only a game. It’s just so much more enjoyable when they win!

We don’t actually have any sad face pictures this week…

I fear we may have jinxed the Ducks when we did this before the game to Owen’s hair…(notice the little hole in his smile:)

It looked a little too much like this guy’s hair…which we didn’t realize
until the game had started

We haven’t told Owen we (he) may be responsible for the Ducks forgetting to show up until the last 10 minutes of the game…I kid. It’s just a game.

Of course another possible jinx could be the 2011 National Championship shirt that Danny is wearing…another bad loss…I kid. It’s just a game.

So Stanford certainly has our number. They are a good team. And, might I add, they seem to be  a clean team and that is easier for me than not winning against USC or Cam Newton…

And boy was that fourth quarter fun to watch. If they’d played like that for the entire quarter instead of just ten minutes we would have trounced them.

So now we look toward Utah (who by the way beat Stanford) not that anyone is keeping track. I kid. It’s just a game.

And I can’t wait for the next one!


#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 20
#5 Stanford Cardinal – 26

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