The Snow Day That Never Ends…

…it goes on and on and on…my friends.

We got about 6-8 inches of snow last Friday and it overstayed its welcome!!!

It was beautiful the first day. The kids played in it. Then the temperatures plummeted to zero and the air quality took a horrid turn and the kids were trapped at home for days. No school from Friday the 6th through Thursday the 12th. Owen didn’t get to go outside until he went to school the morning of the 13th. His asthma is terrible and we are just hoping for some warmer temps, air movement, maybe some rain and NO ICE. But mostly some good air quality for a change! It was so deceptive, it looked beautiful out and like you should be able to go get some nice fresh air. But no. The little man has been really patient with it all.
P1160903 (768x1024)

The gutter chain grew in to a large icicle.

P1160904 (768x1024)

P1160911 (768x1024)

P1160914 (768x1024)

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