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At the Ranch

One of the kids favorite places to go is “the ranch”…so much to do!

A cool driveway for bike riding…

An amazing view

Cool rocks to sit on for picnics

More black and white dogs than you could want…

Rides on lawn mowers…

Camping: Oops, One More

Well, we have two more pics from our camping trip. Danny was able to make them blog appropriate for me…

When we were camping Owen had some major fear about using the outhouse/pit toilets. They were cinder block and so his screaming just echoed. The poor little guy was TERRIFIED. Danny was able to get him to use it once. I wasn’t so successful.

So…to cut down on the number of times he actually had to go he was able to pee in the bushes behind the trees in our campsite…It only offered him partial privacy…

This time he needed Mommy. He was in the middle of his camping “bath” and had to go, he didn’t even have shoes on so I ran him over.
And Daisy is ever present…

Camping: Last Post:)

These are the last of the camping pics…

Grace is looking so tall…it’s an optical illusion


Camping: Breakfast

Grace was able to help out quite a bit on this camping trip (more so than Owen). She flips pancakes a lot at home but wanted to try her hand at it on the camp stove

The table was so big she could just stand at it to eat

and Owen stood on it:)

Camping: Grubby and Sticky

In the afternoon of our first day we went to a nearby fish hatchery. The kids enjoyed seeing some of the huge fish and they were able to feed them with some fish pellets.

Then we went out and got some firewood. I couldn’t believe how dirty Owen got…

And did you know that there is a “time-out spot” when you go camping?

We made burgers over the campfire for dinner then of course we had smores!

The kids did really well getting to sleep. They were snuggled up to each other when we went in the tent. It was really cute. And they slept all night:)

Camping: Camp Sherman

Last weekend we went camping at a place called Camp Sherman by the Metolius River in Central Oregon.

It was a beautiful place. But hot during the day. While we set up camp, Owen had to do a breathing treatment…We were able to use a power inverter plugged into the power outlet in the van.

We had lunch and then we headed down to the river

The water was achingly cold, but somehow those kiddos were able to get in up to their knees. Daisy was in heaven!

I’ll share more of our adventures tomorrow.

Beach Babes

We are home and recovering from a weekend of camping in the mountains (dirty clothes, tired, grumpy kids)…I have many pics to post, but I thought I would post these ones of the kiddos from our last beach trip while I get caught up here…

I love Owen’s goofy little pose in this one…

Our Trip to Seattle

Last week Danny had a class up in Seattle. We were able to farm the kiddos out to grandparents and Auntie Katy and Luke (thank you guys!!) and head up there for 3-ish days.

When we got into town we went and visited with Danny’s brother and sister-in-law and our little nephews. It was so good to just sit and visit for several hours and catch-up on the last couple of months.

The next day Danny had class and I got to go explore downtown on my own. We stayed in a hotel that was in a good location (right by the library) so I was able to walk and see everything on my list, except this place…which will have to wait forĀ  next time. I hadn’t ever gone out on my own in a “big” city so it was fun to do whatever I wanted and to see that I could go and find my way.

Naturally, I have the obligatory picture at Pike Street Market

Danny and I saw a Naval ship that was docked the night before and it was heading back out…Huge!

That evening we went to visit Jamie, one of my best friends, for dinner and had a wonderful time. I hadn’t been to visit her in Seattle in 10 years, just before Danny and I started dating. Long overdue. On the way back to the hotel we stopped and got ice cream bars and this was our view…

The next day we were in a hotel across the street from this place

I walked around Pioneer Square

Memorial to Fallen Firefighters

I wonder how long ago a room in Seattle cost .75…

I also got to have lunch again with Jamie.

When Danny was done with his class we went out to dinner and then took dessert over to his brother and sister-in-law’s.

It was nice to get away, but as always, I missed home and missed those little rascals!

Instagrams from the Beach

We went on a trip to the beach while my sis was visiting from North Carolina. Grace got to take some pictures with her (my sister’s) iphone and use the instagram app…(am I using the right lingo Kaeley?)

this first one may actually be one that my sister took…

we had a nice fire down on the beach

Owen stoking the fire

the octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

sea anemones

some other pretty sea critters

Playing in the Creek

There is this fantastic creek at the beach that runs down to the ocean. The water is warmer and more calm than the ocean. Daisy loves it too because she can drink it and clear out some of the sand. The kids love it because they can play in it, and where it meets the ocean it is the best of both worlds, the ocean surf and warm creek water.