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Go Ducks #10

P1160889 (1024x768)

Well, I know that no one is waiting for my “Go Ducks” post to find out whether or not the Ducks won the Civil War game…

For the last several years the game has really been no contest. This year, those Beavers put up a really good fight. The game was actually a close one. It was nice to have a competitive game that wasn’t the Ducks blowing a team out, or worse, being absolutely stomped on (Stanford, Arizona….). It’s always one extreme or the other.

I have to post this picture again of Owen and Daisy’s brother Burt sporting the Oregon “O”…made even more amusing since Burt’s owner (Danny’s brother) is quite the Beaver fan…Doesn’t Burt look so happy? He likes to root for a winning team every once in awhile.

Quote of the Day:
Owen: “it’s not nearly as exciting when the Beavers make a touchdown. I was just sitting here drinking my egg nog and ignoring the tv.”

#13 University of Oregon Ducks – 36
Oregon State Beavers – 35

Oh Ducks #2: Fear the Kitty


I am not a fair weather fan…but I was ready to turn off the game last night. It’s one thing to play hard and be outplayed or outscored. It’s another to not really show up or seem to care. And that’s how the Ducks played on Saturday.

There were a range of emotions yesterday, and most of them looked like this…






And sadly…no Rose Bowl this year…

#5  University of Oregon Ducks – 16
University of Arizona Wildcats – 42

Go Ducks #9



It was just me and the kiddos watching the game since Danny got to go. Grace doesn’t like watching the games as much. Owen loves them.

He was beyond excited when “Da’Nanthony Thomas” had an 86 yard kick return for a touchdown. He ran upstairs and told Grace (who was reading Harry Potter instead).

Her response “so De’Anthony made a touchdown, what’s the big deal? He does that all the time.”

And that’s why we love to watch!

#6 University of Oregon Ducks – 44
University of Utah Utes – 21

Oh Ducks #1: That Darn Farm

Well, it has been nearly a week since our game against Stanford. I think we are through the mourning period. We have reached the acceptance phase in our grief. I kid. It is only a game. It’s just so much more enjoyable when they win!

We don’t actually have any sad face pictures this week…

I fear we may have jinxed the Ducks when we did this before the game to Owen’s hair…(notice the little hole in his smile:)

It looked a little too much like this guy’s hair…which we didn’t realize
until the game had started

We haven’t told Owen we (he) may be responsible for the Ducks forgetting to show up until the last 10 minutes of the game…I kid. It’s just a game.

Of course another possible jinx could be the 2011 National Championship shirt that Danny is wearing…another bad loss…I kid. It’s just a game.

So Stanford certainly has our number. They are a good team. And, might I add, they seem to be  a clean team and that is easier for me than not winning against USC or Cam Newton…

And boy was that fourth quarter fun to watch. If they’d played like that for the entire quarter instead of just ten minutes we would have trounced them.

So now we look toward Utah (who by the way beat Stanford) not that anyone is keeping track. I kid. It’s just a game.

And I can’t wait for the next one!


#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 20
#5 Stanford Cardinal – 26

Go Ducks #8

The Ducks played a great game on Saturday! It felt like we finally had a bit of a challenge, but still seemed to have no problem taking control by the second half. They are sure fun to watch!



And the Ducks did so well that they jumped FSU to be ranked #2 in the BCS…GO DUCKS!!
#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 42
#12 University of California at Los Angeles Bruins – 14

Go Ducks #7

The game was on late last night and the kids didn’t make it through the whole thing. I snapped a quick pic before they headed off to bed.P1160855

The Ducks had another amazing game. Mariota rocks!


#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 62
Washington State Cougars – 38


Go Ducks #6: Poor Puppies

I am getting farther and farther behind posting these “Go Ducks” posts…My goal for next week is to post it before the weekend is over…

So we had an extra dog in the house for the Duck vs. Huskies. Daisy’s brother Bert stayed with us. He was quite happy, as was Owen.
Me and Mighty Mo

And Owen and Bert. We couldn’t resist…That is a really big smile on Bert’s face…He wears the “O” well, doesn’t he?

Here’s to another 10 years of dominating those dirty dogs…

#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 45
#16 University of Washington Huskies – 24

Go Ducks #5

A bit late on last weeks “Go Ducks”…

The game was away and it was nice to enjoy the game in comfortable, dry seats…


And we’re getting excited for this week’s Game Day at the Oregon vs. Washington game in Seattle…GO DUCKS!!

#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 57
University of Colorado Buffaloes – 16

Go Ducks #4: Soggy Anniversary Edition

Danny and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary yesterday.  Eleven years ago we planned our wedding for September 28 because it was a bye weekend and there would be no game conflict. This was the first time since then that a game has fallen on our anniversary day. Danny’s grandparents had tickets to the game but gave them to us due to the weather forecast for a massive rain storm that was supposed to hit right at game time. And for once the weatherman was spot on.

We arrived early so that we could walk around and look at some of the recent changes to the stadium. There was just a light bit of rain as we walked around. Nothing major.

The giant “O”, there is one on either side as you walk up the steps into the stadium. P1160730

When you look more closely, you can see that it appears to be made out of many little people. Possibly tops of trophies?

Along one side of the stadium there are posts for each game played. They have the opponent and the score. The color of the posts depends on who won the game.

The last few years have been good to us…

There is a beautiful waterfall with the “O” on the back of the jumbotron behind us.


We saw the players on their way to the stadium and I got a picture of Owen’s favorite, De’Anthony Thomas (second from left).
They are a blur even when they are walking, they are that fast…

Warm-up before the game. This was the last picture that I got because of the “rain”.

Once we were in our seats the torrential downpour started. It may be sacrilegious to even mention that there was really rain in Autzen Stadium. But I think the secrets out. It rained so hard there were moments we couldn’t even look up at the field because we were being pelted so much in our faces. We were the first seat in the row and there as a waterfall running down the steps beside me.

I must admit, we left at half-time. The score at that point was 41-3 Ducks ahead and we were soaked. We were not alone in the mass exodus of the stadium.

Here is a shot during the game from Brian Davies of the Register Guard

#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 55
California Golden  Bears – 16