Mr. Potty Trained


Warning: I talk about bodily functions in this post…

I have been working with Owen on using the potty for about a month now and as of yesterday he is doing everything on the potty.

It actually only took about three days for him to master weeing, but pooping was another matter.

Well, yesterday after 30 trips to the potty in as many minutes we finally had our moment.

And boy did we celebrate.

Now when Mr. Potty Trained has to go he says
“haffa go, poopin big fun!” and to top it off, he claps:)

The changing table is gone. We do use pull-ups at night time, but he has rarely been wet at night since those first few days when we started potty training.

My baby is growing up!


3 responses to “Mr. Potty Trained”

  1. Kellie says :

    Way to go!!!! What a great accomplishment.

  2. Sheryl says :

    WOW, that’s HUGE! Way to go, Owen!!!!

    (Took me forever to train Jared how to poop on the potty.)

    Congrats…I hope he got a big prize for that!


  3. Laura says :

    Yay for Owen!
    What a great milestone.

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