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In an effort to make a little extra money, I made some bags for my mother-in-law to sell at a little shop in Coburg.

All of the bags were made out of material from curtains that we had up in our old house.

Small bag (owl on outside, gingham on inside)

larger bag (buttons and ribbon on outside, gingham and pocket on inside)

Small bag (gingham and owl outside, flowers inside)

tall skinny bag (flower and pocket outside, green fabric inside)

The owls were hand-appliqued with old jean material, wool sweater (for the wings/beak) and button eyes.

Teacher Cards

At preschool we love to do crafts with hand prints, footprints, or fingerprints. Well, one mom in particular caught on to this theme and for teacher appreciation and end of the year gifts she gave us her own creations.

Sweet little fingerprint flowers

So Grace, Owen and I decided to do our own for their teachers.

Owen for his two teachers.

Grace for hers.

My First Sweater

Earlier this fall I attempted to crochet a sweater for Grace. It turned out pretty well considering it was my first attempt…I usually just do blankets and scarves….

The pattern I used was the “Swing Set Cardigan” on Lion Brand’s website. It is a free pattern and pretty easy to follow. Since it was for smaller kiddos I just used a larger needle. I do wish I had made it longer as it turned out rather boxy…There is a sunflower button to keep it closed.

And a little headband…

Unfortunately it is itchy…I may have to try another one in super soft yarn…


Pie Safe: Before

Back in 2007 when I first started this blog, I posted about our pie safe.

I didn’t have a before picture at the time, but I just recently came across two pictures that show a bit of what the safe looked like before we refinished it.

Frame Fun

Before I put the frames together we had a little fun…

Frame Project

I recently had some 11 x 14 poster prints made when there was a sale at I have had them for a couple of months but no frames to put them in.

I didn’t want some cheap poster frame and the cheapest frames at Target were about $20.00, so I decided to try Goodwill.

I found these beauties…

Two of the frames were $9.99 and one was $6.99. I was hoping they would all be around $6.99. O’well,.

I picked up a can of this spray paint.

I wiped down the frames and removed the glass and cleaned it up…This part was a bit of a chore, I didn’t want to remove the staples/nails completely, but some of the glass was really hard to get out because it was wedged in by those staples.

I spray painted out in the garage.

The frames dried in just a couple of hours, but I waited to reassemble until the next day.

For Owen’s room

For Grace’s room

For our room

Now we just need to hang them:)

Fashion Sense

Grace has still got a special sense of fashion…


Pink long sleeved and embroidered shirt, purple glittery dress, Go Ducks beaded necklace, pink ruffled leggings, Go Ducks socks, black and blue plaid slippers.


Sweetie Baby

A good friend and her two kiddos came up for a play date on Friday.

I couldn’t resist a picture of this sweet 5 week-old Bambina in the blanket that I crocheted for her…

I Made It! All By Myself!

A year or two ago my sister got me the book Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. I had yet to get up the courage to actually make anything from it…Until today!

The reason I had wanted the book was for the Charming Handbag. It is so cute! You are supposed to enlarge the pattern but I decided not to and made Grace a cute little purse just to try out the instructions…It took me a couple of hours from start to finish…

You may recognize the outer fabric as our old curtains from “the old house”. The inside is from an old pair of jeans…

Christmas Crafts

Well, now that Christmas is over, I can post about some of the crafts that I have been working on this month.

We really tried to keep our gift-giving costs to a minimum this year, but I still wanted something special.

I made bracelets for the Grandma’s…of course I forgot to take “in-process” pics.

I used clear flat marbles and craft glue and the little pics were from my picture orders from Winkflash which I punched out with a big circle punch. I alternated he pictures and a punch of scrapbook paper.





Then for the Grandmas (2), Aunties (3) and the girlfriends of the BILs (2) I made bags out of old sweaters. I used Betz White’s tutorial and then the embellishment inspiration came from cindygert’s blog (just scroll through her blog, lots of beautiful bags). I actually used some different free clip art online to print out…







I was most pleased with the oatmeal bags. The wool had felted nicely (it was actually a sweater of Danny’s that we “ruined” before we were even married, I have been holding on to it for that long hoping to find a use for it…) The thicker oatmeal wool held the shape of the bags better than the other bags did…