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First Day of School 2013

Grace and Owen started a new school year last Tuesday. This first day was particularly significant for us because at the beginning of the summer we moved. The kids started at a new school and you can tell by the looks on their faces that it was quite exciting. I am so proud of these two. There was minimal worry. They were full of confidence and excitement. It has all gone very well so far. They both love their teachers and have found friends in their classes. Neither really missed a beat. They are amazing…

Owen has transitioned very nicely to first grade thanks to being in a full day last year between Pre-K and kindergarten. Grace is a big fourth grader and has done so well with all the change!

And the sweetest thing? Notice that in the pic below they are holding hands. They love each other, spend a lot of time together and watch out for each other. After an entire summer of being together all. the. time. I am so pleased.

First Day


Mom Cooking

Grace wrote the following story for a school report about “What if, then?” They were supposed to write down a situation and then give four choices of how to respond, three that were ridiculous and one that was logical.

Mom Cooking
One day you are playing upstairs and the smoke alarms go off because your mom is cooking.

You Should

1. Go run around like crazy.
2. Stay calm and go downstairs.
3. Scream, yell, cry, and shout.
4. Sit down and don’t talk.

Dr. Seuss Carnival Fun

My preschool had a Dr. Seuss carnival last week. My game was “pin the star on the Sneetch belly”.  As a child, The Sneetches was the Dr. Seuss book that I had. I loved it so much and  it was so fun to have the kids do crafts to decorate my area and to make a big giant Sneetch!


I was trying to mimic the feeling of the pages of the book with so many Sneetches…

And Grace still enjoys herself at the preschool carnival…P1150876


First Days of School – Owen

Mr. Owen had his first day of his second year of Pre-K on Friday last week. It is old hat to him, but he had fun. His best buddy isn’t there anymore so he is making new friends. He gets to be the “responsible one” in class since he knows all the rules.

Apparently he was confused that he was doing both Pre-K and Kindergarten this year and thought he was just going to Pre-K for Friday…Oops.

And with Big Sis

Then Monday of this week Owen got to start Kindergarten. He did great. He had Pre-K in the morning, then ate lunch in my classroom and then I took him to Kindergarten. He found his hook. Put away his homework and then we found his seat. He started work on his coloring right away. Owen gets to ride the bus home with his big sister in the afternoon.

I think we are going to have a few days of a worn out little boy, but we’d have to make the transition to full day sooner or later!

Teacher Cards

At preschool we love to do crafts with hand prints, footprints, or fingerprints. Well, one mom in particular caught on to this theme and for teacher appreciation and end of the year gifts she gave us her own creations.

Sweet little fingerprint flowers

So Grace, Owen and I decided to do our own for their teachers.

Owen for his two teachers.

Grace for hers.


Back in the end of May Owen graduated from Pre-k. He will start kindergarten in September. Since he was placed in pm kindergarten he will actually come back to the preschool with me in the morning and rock pre-k again.

Waiting for his certificate. Looking a little bored.

With his teachers.

He did such a good job this year, but he really improved towards the end of the year and got more serious about his schoolwork. I hope he doesn’t get too burnt out or worn out with full days next year. But it sure will be nice to see him still during the day. I wasn’t quite ready to have him be gone all day.

Wacky Outfit Day

At the end of the Wacky Week before Spring Break where we missed two days because of snow, Grace had Wacky Outfit Day…

Oddly, she didn’t look much different than normal:)

Slinky Malinki

Last week Grace’s school had a variety of reading activities. One was “dress like your favorite book character”.

Grace’s first choice was “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle because she loves ladybugs so much. She wanted Daddy to take her shopping for a ladybug costume after he got home from work. I told her we weren’t spending any money and that we would think about it when she got home from school.

Well, I am so proud of this little girl. She came bounding off the bus “I know what I am going to be!!!” She thought about it at school and decided she would be “Slinky Malinki” because she already had the ears and black clothes/shoes and the book. I could paint whiskers on her face and she loves black cats!!

She was so sweet and gracious about it, didn’t turn into the Grouchy Ladybug at all. And as you can see in the above picture, she was pretty excited.

All the Places I Want to Go…

…by Grace…the scanning didn’t work very well and cut off some of her words so I have typed them above the pictures…

All the Places I Want to Go


I want to go to Disney Land.


I want to go to Enchanted Forest


I want to go to Seatel to see my coisins


I want to go all around the world!


I want to go to Washington.


I want to go to Antartica


…she must get this from her father:)

Best Christmas Present Ever

Before school got out for break, Grace brought home lots of schoolwork. One thing she brought was this paper she had written about the Best Christmas Present Ever…

My Best Christmas Present ever

I will never forget when I got my best Christmas present ever. It was Christmas day. I was in my Grandma’s living room opening presents with my family.

I opened the bag with my best present ever! It was red with black spots. It was very soft. It was a circle with a rectangle. It was about as big as my shirt. It was a LadyBug PillowPet! I was very, very happy!

I said thank you to Grandma and Grandpa. I hugged my Pillow Pet.

The End