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May May


We had to have May put down yesterday. She had a lump on her side that the vet thought was malignant. It had grown very quickly. Things were changing and we were worried that she was suffering and we couldn’t tell. She didn’t have the most pleasant disposition to begin with…

She was 15 years old.

Surprisingly…the kids are fine and I’m the basket case. Actually that’s probably not a surprise…I had her before the husband, the kids, the dog…I got her when I was a footloose and fancy free single lady living in North Carolina, then I brought her back to Oregon with me.  That was another lifetime ago…

I will miss cuddling with her on the couch. Grace will miss her bedtime snuggle buddy.

Danny and Owen will miss terrorizing her…and Daisy?

Well the kids are worried about her, they think she won’t know what to do with herself now and have suggested getting her a baby sheep or two to keep busy…


Silly Dream

I had a silly dream this morning…I thought I would share it with you.

But first, the back story…

We have houses on either side of our house. They are very close. Very. If we had gorilla arms, we could reach out and touch them…but we don’t.

There are a lot of birds flying around, especially now that it is spring. There are small windows that look on to the neighbors houses. One at the top of our stairway, one in the kid’s bathroom.

Birds have been landing on our neighbor’s roofs and then flying to the windows. They bump the windows and then they often will flutter around and then land on the screen and look in at us. The bumping often will wake us up, it’s more of a hard tapping sound. You know, like a little head hitting a window.

Well, this morning while I was still sleeping the tapping started. But in my dream it morphed into something else…It morphed into May.

I got up and went to the window (in my dream) and opened it. May was clinging to the screen and I was scolding her to stop hitting the window and hanging on the screen. But when I opened the window, she jumped in and ran into Grace’s room and jumped up onto her and started purring. All her scratching at the second story window was just a ploy to get let in so she could cuddle with Grace.

And this all reminded me of the very real time when May and I were living in a third story apartment and she got a little wild and ran up the screen when the window was open, knocked the screen out and fell down to the ground…

Obviously she was fine, but she hasn’t seem to learn her lesson.

Silly kitty.

Owen’s Sweet Buddy

The other night we were pushovers and let Owen have a “snuggle buddy”…

Owen was thrilled!

Reading to his puppy and petting her ears.

Daisy loves her boy

Sleepy boy, sleepy pup

She stayed with him until we had to get up at 5:30 the next morning to do his breathing treatment…

Sweet Snugglers

May May is Grace’s snuggle buddy. Owen is May May’s tormenter.

On the eve of Halloween Grace went to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa. I took the opportunity to strip her bed and wash her sheets.

When May came in at bedtime and went upstairs she found two things
1) no Grace
2) no snuggly bedding

I heard Owen and thought he was crying so I started upstairs. When I got partway up I heard May meowing and Owen saying “Grace is at Grandma’s May May. She’s not here.”

When I came back up later this is what I saw…

And as you can see Owen finally has his complete big boy bed. New sheets, comforter, and mattress. Before we know it, he’ll be off to college!

Albino Arachnid

We have had an albino arachnid visiting us for the last week or two…He really likes these purple spiky flowers…

He may have finally gotten too dizzy from Owen’s “investigating” and found another home as we haven’t seen him in a while…

Checking on the Chickens

When we moved over a year ago Grandma and Grandpa Ruby took our chickens and their house to live with them.

While I haven’t really missed them, the kids do like to see them…

Toot is looking good

and this is a much mellower version of Treebie…Treebie the 2nd (or is it the 3rd?)

and manic Daisy returned…

May May’s Staycation

Two weeks ago while Danny’s Mom and Step-dad were out of town, we went and had our only little “staycation” at their house. Their house is bigger than ours and has a much bigger yard so they kids could play outside for hours.

Because May doesn’t do so well when we are gone for more than 1-2 nights we (I) decided she should come with us. We were down there for 5 nights and that would have been too many days to leave her home alone. She starts harassing the neighbors.

After thoroughly sniffing and exploring she found her spot which was behind a chair upstairs.

What was strange this time is that she cuddled most nights with OWEN. This is unheard of as she is usually chased by Little Man. Grace was even in the same bed, but she still chose Owen.

Midway through the week I let her out early one morning and shortly after that the drip sprinklers went off. It must have scared her because she resorted to her old tricks of tree climbing

There was much yowling and Daisy was very concerned…

Danny said to just leave her and she’d figure it out…And you know what? He was right…

Which was a good thing because Grandpa Ruby hangs his ladder a bit higher than I can reach…

Loyal Pup

Daisy isn’t allowed upstairs since it is carpeted. Whenever someone goes upstairs she runs to the bottom of the stairs, lays down and immediately lays her head on the bottom step and watches.

At night time she often will lay on one of the steps rather than on the hardwood. When we start to come down stairs you can hear her get up quick from off of the steps and run towards her bed.

Last week I took the camera upstairs and in the morning I walked quietly to the half wall at the top of the stairs and peeked over…

She is such a sweet dog and loves her people so much!

Daisy’s Still Quirky

…in case you were wondering.

She started hiding her food again. It lasted a couple of weeks, but now I feed her in the evening and she seems to be hungry enough to eat it all at once…

Here’s the evidence…

Riveting, I know.


Bad Luck?

But is it for me or the black cat?

She crosses my path a lot, but not before she went under the ladder…

Oh, what does it all mean?!?!

Luckily this is Monday, the 13th…rather than Friday!