May May’s Staycation

Two weeks ago while Danny’s Mom and Step-dad were out of town, we went and had our only little “staycation” at their house. Their house is bigger than ours and has a much bigger yard so they kids could play outside for hours.

Because May doesn’t do so well when we are gone for more than 1-2 nights we (I) decided she should come with us. We were down there for 5 nights and that would have been too many days to leave her home alone. She starts harassing the neighbors.

After thoroughly sniffing and exploring she found her spot which was behind a chair upstairs.

What was strange this time is that she cuddled most nights with OWEN. This is unheard of as she is usually chased by Little Man. Grace was even in the same bed, but she still chose Owen.

Midway through the week I let her out early one morning and shortly after that the drip sprinklers went off. It must have scared her because she resorted to her old tricks of tree climbing

There was much yowling and Daisy was very concerned…

Danny said to just leave her and she’d figure it out…And you know what? He was right…

Which was a good thing because Grandpa Ruby hangs his ladder a bit higher than I can reach…

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