That Darn Cat!

We have two cats, May and Bob, aka Grumpy and Fat Boy. May is a typical cat, Bob is a cat that thinks he’s a dog, and actually is bigger than some dogs…

About 5 years ago when Danny and I were just married May decided to climb a tree in the neighbor’s yard. I came home and couldn’t find her. I asked Bob (yes, I know he’s a cat) where she was. He ran to the backyard and started meowing and looking up. There she was about 30 feet up in a tree. She wouldn’t come down. She just kept going higher until she was about 60 feet up in the tree. We finally called a tree service and someone climbed the tree and got her down in a bag. Bumping her on every branch along the way. No, it wasn’t cheap.
We found out later that she wasn’t “all there” because I had used Hartz flea medicine on her neck and it can cause neurological problems….

Some friends found this magnet and now we have memorabilia of the event (you’ll see the similarities as you scroll down):


Well, as you guessed, I am not just bringing this up for a fun walk down memory lane…

When I came home today, Bob, who usually runs to the back door, instead ran to the front of the house to the base of one of our big leaf maple trees and started meowing and looking up.

I looked up and saw this:


Luckily, she was only up about 15 feet this time. I was able to coax May down by calling her and she finally clawed her way down the tree and is now sleeping in the laundry room…those cats are lucky they have me…

The whole time I was outside calling for May, she was up the tree meowing and Bob was inside at the screen door meowing back…


4 responses to “That Darn Cat!”

  1. Sonya says :

    Goodness, that photo of May compared to the magnet is too funny! Luckily, only Gandalf goes into trees, but he has no problem getting back out of them all by himself. I don’t have as much patience as you do, I think. I probably would have gone back inside and waited to see if the cat managed it on her own… You’re right, they are lucky to have you!

  2. Laura says :

    you are such a good mommy!

  3. Elizabeth says :

    I had a male cat like that! Seriously – we had a kitten that actually went up the tree he was stuck in and “talked him down”.

    I used to tell people “Beau” was smarter than the average man but dumber than the average cat. I know that is bad but it was so true!

    And you are a good Mommy!

  4. Carole says :

    She’s beautiful…mischevious…but beautiful. My Samantha is all black as well. Love the magnet.

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