Loyal Pup

Daisy isn’t allowed upstairs since it is carpeted. Whenever someone goes upstairs she runs to the bottom of the stairs, lays down and immediately lays her head on the bottom step and watches.

At night time she often will lay on one of the steps rather than on the hardwood. When we start to come down stairs you can hear her get up quick from off of the steps and run towards her bed.

Last week I took the camera upstairs and in the morning I walked quietly to the half wall at the top of the stairs and peeked over…

She is such a sweet dog and loves her people so much!

One response to “Loyal Pup”

  1. Alyce says :

    That is so sweet!

    Our yellow lab refuses to go upstairs unless she is forced to, but usually sleeps on the big bottom step at night too. I think we accidentally conditioned her to think she wasn’t allowed upstairs when she was a puppy. We had a baby gate across the stairway for at least the whole first year of her life. (I don’t remember exactly when we took it down.)

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