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Sick Again, Sick Again, Jiggety Jig

…yeah, or not…

Owen is running a fever, has his asthma cough and is watching Cars. A sure sign he isn’t feeling well. Poor little man. We’ve got a week of Spring Break to try to get these two rugrats healthy! That is not what Spring Break is supposed to be for.

In Like a Lion

Well, March roared in around here with only our second snow of the winter and some ice to go with it. No delays or canceled school and as usual it was mostly melted by lunchtime.

Owen is outside right now playing in the last bits of it since I wouldn’t let them play in it before school.

It’s been awhile since I posted as we are just a bit under the weather still. Grace finally went back to school on Monday. She missed all of last week. She was a trooper and did lots of school work over the weekend to take back on Monday.

Owen has been fighting an asthma battle all week. He has a cold and a cough and has been coughing to the point of gagging every night when he goes to bed. I have had to give him lots of cough syrup and cough drops which are actually working for a change. He has also had a few extra rescue nebulizer treatments.

Today the sound of his cough is different which is good, it has gone from wheezy to junky which is always a good change for him.

And now I have a cold. I have fought it all week and hope that I keep fighting it off. At least I don’t work until Tuesday so I can just be exposed to the germs in my home, not the ones at school:)

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to more posting next week!

Ittybitties Under the Weather

A little battle of germs has been raging on in our house.

Two weeks ago today Owen had a nasty case of the stomach flu. Poor little man was violently ill for several hours and then was weak with little appetite for a couple of days.

We hoped and prayed that the rest of us wouldn’t get sick. Danny and I just had nausea and stomach pain for several days. Grace was fine.

Then the next week Grace started a seal bark cough. She missed a day of school and then seemed better. Over the weekend she spiked a fever. It was in the 103’s from Saturday to Monday morning when she looked like she was improving.

Then yesterday her fever started to increase again and her cough was getting worse. I  called the pediatrician and we drove down to Eugene. She had crackling in her lower left lung and he said she has pneumonia. She started antibiotics and the doctor said to expect her fever to still be high through today and for her to be out of school all week.

Fortunately, my sweet parents and in-laws have been able to help so that I haven’t missed every day of work this week…

Now we wait, and worry about Owen. He has been doing so well with his asthma. I have actually had him weaned down to the lowest dose of his nebulizer that he has been on since September. He started a slight cough on Saturday so I added back his Xoponex, but for once he is responding to cough syrup and not asthma medicine. Which I take to mean his asthma is in check. Finally.

But Owen has been exposed to his sister for days and pneumonia would be terrible for his little lungs. So we are praying he continues to stay strong and fight it off.


stagnant [stag-nuhnt] adjective
1. not flowing or running, as water, air, etc.
2. stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water.
3. characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement: a stagnant economy.
4. inactive, sluggish, or dull.

This blog has been a bit stagnant lately. I haven’t had much to say, so I have chosen to be quiet.

Owen and I have been fighting off colds. He has been pretty run down. All last week we had stagnant air advisories. Thick foggy air. The poor little guy couldn’t breathe very well and by Wednesday he was starting to get sick. Thursday/Friday/Saturday we had to add in an extra breathing treatment in the middle of the day. When he gets sick he usually has a wheezy cough for 24-48 hours before it changes and he starts to improve. This time he had it for about 3 days. We had to hold him upright so he could fall asleep at night otherwise he would cough so hard he would start gagging.

Today he is much better, although you can still see in his eyes that he is run down.

Since we have been home from school he has eaten turkey, yogurt, a banana, a fruit leather a big tootsie roll and now he is drinking a glass of his beloved egg nog mixed with half and half:) Hopefully this is a sign he’s recovering.

The sun is out, there is blue sky and a frigid wind (you know, for this part of Oregon…) so I am praying that we will no longer be stagnant around these parts!


Little Man Asthma Update

We have been struggling with Owen’s asthma since he started school last September.

Well, this summer we seem to have finally gotten it under control. He has been using his nebulizer machine since early June and slowly weaning down on his dosage. He has been cough/wheeze free since just after Father’s Day in June. This is the longest he has gone without being sick since last September.

Seriously, it’s not even been 2 months and this is the longest stretch. But we’ll take it.

He had a check-up today with his asthma doctor and she said his right lung (his bad one) sounded normal. NORMAL! I think we have only heard that once in his lifetime and it was when he was around a year old!

So since things are going so well and we are only about 3 weeks from the start of school we are going to continue with our low dose on his nebulizer since it seems to be working so much better than his inhalers. He seems to get more of the medicine and breathe it in better. Hopefully this will help keep his lungs strong with no inflammation so he can better fight of colds and infections when he is exposed to them.

Owen is a go-getter and he has finally been able to run around and play like a normal little man. We are hoping this will continue!

Our happy Little Man, we are so proud of you!

Our Nightly Routine

We have had a new nightly routine with Mr. Owen since sometime in early June. We had been using his nebulizer machine when he was sick and then basically as soon as he recovered I would switch him back to his inhalers. Well, since he has had monthly colds since March, the doctor thought that maybe we weren’t giving him the nebulizer treatment long enough and allowing his lungs the chance to fully heal before stopping the treatment.

The doctor came up with an 8-week long plan to wean him down off of the medicine. Unfortunately, about a week and a half in he got sick again so we had to start over with our plan. In the beginning, the treatments would take him about 25 minutes each time. He started calling them his “breathment matreatments.” After time passed, his frustration grew and he renamed them “breathment ma-nasty-matreatments.” Despite the fact that it is now taking him only about 7 minutes to do these treatments, he is pretty frustrated to have to do them.

I created a calendar so that each day after he has finished his treatments he can mark an “X” and then see how many days he has left…Right now our end day is August 24…He has a check-up the week before that magic day so we will see what the doctor recommends as the next step.

We try to make it as enjoyable as possible for him, which usually means watching Mater Tall Tales or some other show on TV. In the meantime, we have been enjoying how Little Man looks in the evening when he does his treatment. There is much lounging and belly rubbing…

Now, if we could just keep Auntie Kaeley’s i-phone permanently, Owen could play Angry Birds while he waited…

Good Grief, Charlie Brown, Continued…

Last Tuesday I posted about our constant sicknesses…Unfortunately, we haven’t improved much.

I took Grace in to the doctor on Friday because she was on day 4 of a fever (102.5) and was up most of the night coughing. There was nothing that needed antibiotics. We decided to go to the coast. On Saturday she spiked a high fever and Owen started his coughing. Luckily, Grandpa Ruby was there to prevent any visits to a coastal ER.

We went home Sunday after they had a chance to play on the beach for awhile.

Monday morning Grace woke up and started vomiting and still had a high fever. We drove down to Eugene to see her pediatrician. She has an ear infection. She’s on antibiotics now. When I got back to my parents, Owen was much worse, wheezing and coughing and also a fever. I turned around and took him in to the pediatrician. He didn’t need antibiotics but he is in his “red” zone and had two rescue treatments during the night last night because he was coughing so hard he was gagging himself.

And me? Well I feel just fantastic with plugged ears, a sore throat and a runny nose.

If we don’t kick this soon, I’m afraid Danny’s going to trade us in for a new, healthy family…

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

I ended my school year sick. When Danny and I came back from our weekend away I was on the mend but Grace had developed a cough. She didn’t miss any school.

Then the next week Owen started with the cough. So I started him on his nebulizer treatments (or as he says “breathment matreatment”). He has now been on his nebulizer for nearly a week and while he isn’t wheezing, he is still having coughing fits. Fortunately he is sleeping at night and not coughing and gagging!

Last night before going to bed Grace had a couple of really good, cruddy coughs.

This morning she woke up coughing like a seal and running a fever. Her last day of school is Thursday and she has to miss today!

Now each of them has their cozy spot and they are watching cartoons…We’ll see how long it takes before we go stir crazy:)

Here We Go Again…

Little man is on his 3rd bout with an asthma “crisis” since March. His asthma usually acts up when he gets a cold. This time I am not sure if he had a cold, maybe allergies started it this time, I am not sure.

We’ve been doing nebulizer treatments for days now and I think he turned the corner today…

Owen and I stayed home from school Tuesday…I kind of let him get away with a few things…

Shhh…don’t tell Daddy, he’s not supposed to be on the back of the couch…

He is staring so intently at some cartoons that I don’t usually let him watch…

And big smiles in the hat that Daddy got him at the John Deere field trip…

…and his pj’s say it all…”tough but cute!”

He just wants to play, run, wrestle, jump. When I asked him if he was “buzzing” inside he said “yes”. I know the medications make him a bit hyper and then we have to make him stop running around or he starts coughing…

We have less than two weeks left of school. I am ready for a healthy summer to recuperate! It is so hard to keep this guy down. Little man needs to breathe easier and put some meat on his bones!

Breathing Easier

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments on my post on Monday.

Owen is doing much better.

On Monday I took him to an Asthma specialist and she hooked us up. I told her all about how Owen had been over the weekend and how he has been in general every time he gets a cold and how he was responding to his inhalers, but they just weren’t enough. She said that he does have asthma. The fact that he responds to the asthma medicines confirms it even though he is too young to do peak flow or pulmonary function tests.

She gave him a nebulizer treatment in the office and it improved the tightness that Owen was feeling in his chest. She wrote out our “Asthma Action Plan” so that we know our target areas and when we need to shift his medications from inhalers to nebulizers for more of impact. And most importantly, what we can do if he has a crisis like he did this weekend that landed us in the ER (where oddly they did nothing for his breathing…but whatever, not bitter).

I feel so much better about his situation and he is responding to these new medications well. And thank God for insurance…We got over $1000 in medication (which is about 30 days worth of one and 8 days of another) for less than $100 in copays. Still expensive, but obviously worth it. And time will tell how much he actually needs with each episode.

So now we are working on getting this kid to eat. He has barely eaten a meal since Friday, he’s just surviving on instant breakfast and jello.

Again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.