Silly Dream

I had a silly dream this morning…I thought I would share it with you.

But first, the back story…

We have houses on either side of our house. They are very close. Very. If we had gorilla arms, we could reach out and touch them…but we don’t.

There are a lot of birds flying around, especially now that it is spring. There are small windows that look on to the neighbors houses. One at the top of our stairway, one in the kid’s bathroom.

Birds have been landing on our neighbor’s roofs and then flying to the windows. They bump the windows and then they often will flutter around and then land on the screen and look in at us. The bumping often will wake us up, it’s more of a hard tapping sound. You know, like a little head hitting a window.

Well, this morning while I was still sleeping the tapping started. But in my dream it morphed into something else…It morphed into May.

I got up and went to the window (in my dream) and opened it. May was clinging to the screen and I was scolding her to stop hitting the window and hanging on the screen. But when I opened the window, she jumped in and ran into Grace’s room and jumped up onto her and started purring. All her scratching at the second story window was just a ploy to get let in so she could cuddle with Grace.

And this all reminded me of the very real time when May and I were living in a third story apartment and she got a little wild and ran up the screen when the window was open, knocked the screen out and fell down to the ground…

Obviously she was fine, but she hasn’t seem to learn her lesson.

Silly kitty.


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