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The conversation after we had a visitor Tuesday evening who knocked at the back door. He was going door-to-door to everyone in the neighborhood. I was home alone with the kiddos…

Grace: “I don’t like that man. He scared me.”
Me: “Well, he was a nice man and we just chatted on the back porch. But it is good to be cautious. Do you know what cautious is?”
Grace: “No.”
Me: “Cautious is when you are curious about something or someone but you are also careful because you don’t know them and you want to be safe.”
Owen: “Oh, yes, cautious! I don’t like him!”

Owen and cautious are not good friends…

Sweet Rewards

The cupcake he was denied the night before for not eating dinner was that much sweeter the next day after a good lunch…

Mommy, I got a tatoo!

Not the words I was expecting when she got off of the bus…Flash forward 10 years…

“But wait, you’re only 5. I knew this might happen someday, but I just didn’t expect it so soon…”

“Oh, what’s that? It’s just a pretend tattoo…and you got it for listening at school…well okay.”