The conversation after we had a visitor Tuesday evening who knocked at the back door. He was going door-to-door to everyone in the neighborhood. I was home alone with the kiddos…

Grace: “I don’t like that man. He scared me.”
Me: “Well, he was a nice man and we just chatted on the back porch. But it is good to be cautious. Do you know what cautious is?”
Grace: “No.”
Me: “Cautious is when you are curious about something or someone but you are also careful because you don’t know them and you want to be safe.”
Owen: “Oh, yes, cautious! I don’t like him!”

Owen and cautious are not good friends…

One response to “Cautious”

  1. Sonya says :

    My kiddo’s not very friendly with cautious either… Sigh. I like how open he is with people, but it’s obviously concerning.

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