As a Mother of a Boy…

I should have known about…

Luckily Daddy knows all about it.

Owen will come up to him when he is working on his computer and say “tractor, please, Daddy!”

Danny pulls up and they watch videos of tractors driving around…


Good times for everyone…


Oh no, what’s happening?!?!?


A tractor crash?!?!


Phew, that one was close!



6 responses to “As a Mother of a Boy…”

  1. Sheryl says :

    Owen is so incredibly cute! I have to tell you, Jared (my 5yr old) is obsessed with watching railroad crossings on It’s his favorite past time! In fact, he spends much time in the NICU library on the computer watching train crossings. Anything from Lego trains to model trains to train crossings in other countries. He can even tell you which country has what type of railroad crossing, the internet is amazing!
    Glad you guys found Check out if you haven’t, you’ll be amazed, there are kid-friendly things on there!
    Have fun with your little internet surfer!

  2. Kristyn says :

    That is too cute! I guess with two girls, I never knew this existed. 😉 We are fortunate to have one Grandpa who is a farmer and has lots of tractors of all shapes and sizes (although they are all green). Emma has gotten to ride with him a few times. We also have a cornfield as our backyard–the farmer made a pass in his tractor a few weeks ago to prep the field and Leah thought it was the greatest–the farmer even waved to her at the window! She spent the rest of the night waiting for him to go by again. And of course hubby now works for John Deere, so they see that symbol around the house a lot! Boys definitely love their tractors!

  3. Ana says :

    Love it!!! Will have to check out that site!! I am sure Marco will love it. His new thing is tractors. Not a lot in Boston 🙂 but we have been going to farms so he is seeing the other side of things 🙂

  4. Marci says :

    If you could have seen how quickly Tim RAN to his computer to check that site out, you would have fallen over laughing!!! Ask your Mom about the tractors ALL OVER our house. Both of his Grandpa’s farmed, and he’s been obsessed (I think) since birth. He’s made sure Josef knows all about tractors and that the red ones are the best. I have a feeling our little guy will be sitting on his Daddy’s lap just like Owen tomorrow, watching with Tim. Those tractor guys have to stick together ya know…Too cute!

  5. Tractor Video says :

    Hi, I run as a hobby site, Im gald your son enjoys it to much.

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