Truck Stuck Freezer

We’ve been experiencing a few tantrums with Owen lately. While he was laying on the floor throwing a fit he thought that he saw one of his trucks under the refrigerator.

Owen became so obsessed with this truck. Owen, Grace and I were all on the floor with the flashlight trying to see this truck. Neither Grace or I could see a truck, only alphabet magnets. But Owen was absolutely certain it was there.

“Poor truck.”
“Truck is stuck under freezer.”
“Move freezer, please, Mommy.”
“Truck scares Mommy.”

This went on for nearly an hour. I convinced him that when Daddy got home we would try to move the fridge.

Unfortunately it was too heavy.

About once a day Owen remembers the truck and goes and looks under the fridge.

“Truck stuck Mommy?”




Truck SmilingP1070831

“Owie get it!”P1070833


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