Tractor Tipping

Owen re-creating his favorite scene from the movie Cars…

Tractor Tipping!





One response to “Tractor Tipping”

  1. Ana says :

    Ok, these boys need to meet. They were born days from one another, look pretty similar (except for the dark/blond hair) 🙂 And LOVE the same things. This is way too funny, love the post. Marco does the same thing. He has the same toys, cars and tractors and loves the tractor tipping part of the movie. He has a book that that page is the most used 🙂 He acts it out in his cars. Actually his tractor is tipped over right now on the floor with Mack the truck, Mater, and Mcqueen next to it. Marco also has the bedding, blanket, sheets, pillow, sometimes it takes forever for Marco to sleep because he keeps playing with the bedding stuff.
    Gotta love boys!!!!

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