Working, Mommy!

Owen was out on the porch with all his trucks and tractors. As usual, he was parking and re-parking and driving them around on their little picnic table. The ultimate for Owen is to get to put his riding tractor up on the table too, as I have posted before.









Naturally, I took pictures of this before I took him off of the tractor. Look at that happy face!

After I pulled him off of the tractor he proceeded to throw a bit of a tantrum and was yelling at me and hitting at me and saying “Working, Mommy! Working, Mommy!”

On a different day I came home and the kids were playing outside, I went to the front and out the front window I could see Owen on his tractor halfway down the stairs. I ran to get the camera but he was getting off of the tractor by the time I got back. He had made it down two steps and was partway onto the third by the time he climbed off. Little daredevil!



2 responses to “Working, Mommy!”

  1. Sonya says :

    And my kiddo bids fair to follow… Exciting and scary at the same time! 🙂

  2. Fer says :

    Owen and Juan Pablo would make so good firneds because JP LOVES cars and trucks!

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