Crooked Smile, Part 2

“I’ve wanted this for so long and now I finally have it!”

Oh yes, we can capitalize on that strange fascination that children have with orthodontia…

Grace did great, listened, followed directions and got her headgear “installed” yesterday. It was more fun than she was even expecting. She didn’t even know she was going to get to choose the color PINK for her headgear. She even got to choose pink and purple containers of wax and a pink case.

What fun! I remember being similarly excited, although not nearly so at the wizened old age of maybe 10.

I do think orthodontia is a bit more gentle now than it used to be. When I told the orthodontist what appliances I had as a child he said they basically figured out that those were useless…That’s nice to know…Although I still have straight teeth so they couldn’t have been too useless!

4 responses to “Crooked Smile, Part 2”

  1. Kaeley says :

    Doctors were smart to capitalize on letting kids choose different colors for their casts, braces, etc… Is that bribing? 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad that it helped it to go smoothly!

  2. Sue McMahan says :

    Hay, Kay:
    With kids, sometimes it’s the bribing that gets you through!!

    Good job, Grace.
    Grandma Annie

  3. Melissa says :

    You’ll have to post progress pics. Hard to believe that beautiful smile is going to get even prettier!

  4. Laura says :

    OH….flashbacks of growing up!
    Though we did not get the cool color choices!

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