Crooked Smile

We knew that this beautiful smile was going to need orthodontia. We just didn’t anticipate it would be at 6.

At Grace’s most recent dental appointment her dentist recommended that we have a consult with an orthodontist. The dentist felt she should have 4 teeth extracted, but wanted a second opinion.

I wasn’t prepared for the orthodontist to recommend beginning orthodontic treatment already.

He used the word severe a lot. That’s not good. As severe an overbite as he’s seen. Severe overcrowding on the top. Even more severe overcrowding on the bottom. And her midlines of her front teeth don’t match up anymore because she has two eye-teeth coming in at different rates that are fighting for space where there really is none.

I think part of the reason things are so severe is because she lost so many baby teeth so early (she has already lost 8). The permanent teeth that are coming in are much larger than her baby teeth (I have to take credit for those big teeth…).

“Fortunately”, we are catching things early. Apparently, children have a growth spurt in their jaw bones around the age of 6-7, so if we get Grace in a head gear for the next year or so it can help keep the top jaw from growing as much and allow the bottom jaw a chance to catch up.

He did agree that she should have 4 teeth extracted as well and then a space maintainer put behind the bottom teeth sometime in the next several months. I am not looking forward to the teeth extraction. I hope the nitrous oxide makes her sleepy and more agreeable…

I took her in last week to do the initial records appointment (x-rays, impressions) and to put the spacers in between her teeth.

This week she will get the bands on and get her head gear.

Luckily she thinks it’s “cool” and “fun”, we’ll see how long that lasts.


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