Potato Head and Martha

To say that Grace has an active imagination is an understatement…

Grace and her imaginary friend Marie started preschool a month ago. “Their” teacher Miss Jeanine has a broken foot. For a month now, Grace has been hopping around wearing one sock or one shoe and saying “Who am I Momma? I am Marie’s teacher.” She sits on a chair and crosses her “broken” foot over the other leg just as Miss Jeanine does in circle time.

Last weekend I was planning on eating a potato with my leftover shrimp scampi (YUM!!!). Grace was looking in the bag of potatoes and found one with sprouts and was laughing at it. I asked her to find one without sprouts. She did and then promptly declared that it was her baby. She started rocking it, cradling it, patting it. Then she started tossing it up in the air like Daddy does to her, except that she wasn’t catching the potato. I asked her to stop as it would be my dinner. She looked at me aghast and said “but it’s my baby Momma! You can’t eat my baby!” She then puts it in her shirt. “See I have a baby in my belly.” I told her that actually it was a potato and that it was part of my dinner and she says, “Oh, I am PRETENDING that it is my baby.”

Well, then you won’t mind when I put it in the microwave then. “Oh, Momma! You can’t do that it will burn my baby and it will cry and say don’t do that!”

But it is just a potato. Anyway, you get the idea. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then I told her she needed to pretend something other than my dinner was her baby. She turns around picks up a marker and says “oh, this is my baby.” starts rocking, cuddling, etc.

Fast forward to today…We are driving to Grandma Ruby’s work which is a school to pick out books and by the time we got there this was the story:

We had arrived at Marie’s (aka Grace’s) wedding. She had on a beautiful white dress that touched to the ground. She was marrying her imaginary friend Jill-the boy (she has two, a boy and a girl). Jill has white hair and rides in a car seat because he can’t walk yet…

We are coming up on almost one year that Grace has been pretending to be Martha Stewart. This all started last fall when Martha was doing Halloween crafts. Grace loved it! She couldn’t understand the name at first and called her Marthat the Stool. Everyday at lunch she eats her Bob and May and scones and watches Martha cook and do crafts.


One response to “Potato Head and Martha”

  1. Laura says :

    WOW! You really need to get Grace in acting or some sort of drama production. I bet she would be a natural. I love her imagination.

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