Camping: Oops, One More

Well, we have two more pics from our camping trip. Danny was able to make them blog appropriate for me…

When we were camping Owen had some major fear about using the outhouse/pit toilets. They were cinder block and so his screaming just echoed. The poor little guy was TERRIFIED. Danny was able to get him to use it once. I wasn’t so successful.

So…to cut down on the number of times he actually had to go he was able to pee in the bushes behind the trees in our campsite…It only offered him partial privacy…

This time he needed Mommy. He was in the middle of his camping “bath” and had to go, he didn’t even have shoes on so I ran him over.
And Daisy is ever present…

One response to “Camping: Oops, One More”

  1. Melissa says :

    Holy cow – Owen needs to spend some time with Mason. That kid has literally “marked” every square inch of our back yard. That’s what I get for allowing him to do the deed in the back yard while potty training…

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