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Go Ducks #8

The Ducks played a great game on Saturday! It felt like we finally had a bit of a challenge, but still seemed to have no problem taking control by the second half. They are sure fun to watch!



And the Ducks did so well that they jumped FSU to be ranked #2 in the BCS…GO DUCKS!!
#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 42
#12 University of California at Los Angeles Bruins – 14

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We went with Grandma and Grandpa to a nearby pumpkin patch…the same one that Danny and I used to go to as kids on class field trips.

P1160856 P1160867


I think we hurried along the loose tooth that Owen has been working on for the past couple of weeks.P1160863



It was a gorgeous day!

Grace’s First Hunting Trip

Danny took Grace on her first hunting trip. They went out one afternoon and stayed out until just after dark.

There was bird watching, apple eating, hiking.

But the only large animal they saw said “moo”.


I noticed an unfortunate discrepancy in my posting…I posted Grace’s Third Grade picture last year, but I didn’t post Owen’s Kindergarten picture…Oops…Fortunately, that is the only mistake I made all year:)


Owen- 2012-13
Owen Kindergarten

Owen has done an amazing job transitioning into a full-day of school. He is at Pre-K in the morning and Kindergarten in the afternoon.

He is a good friend to everyone. He is nice to people, and very empathetic. He knows his letters and is reading very well.

He always has a smile on his face. The comment that I get most about this one is how happy he is.

He is full of energy and has a hard time sitting still. Owen is my deep thinker and often asks me questions about God while we are driving to school.

Go Ducks #7

The game was on late last night and the kids didn’t make it through the whole thing. I snapped a quick pic before they headed off to bed.P1160855

The Ducks had another amazing game. Mariota rocks!


#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 62
Washington State Cougars – 38


Go Ducks #6: Poor Puppies

I am getting farther and farther behind posting these “Go Ducks” posts…My goal for next week is to post it before the weekend is over…

So we had an extra dog in the house for the Duck vs. Huskies. Daisy’s brother Bert stayed with us. He was quite happy, as was Owen.
Me and Mighty Mo

And Owen and Bert. We couldn’t resist…That is a really big smile on Bert’s face…He wears the “O” well, doesn’t he?

Here’s to another 10 years of dominating those dirty dogs…

#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 45
#16 University of Washington Huskies – 24

Go Ducks #5

A bit late on last weeks “Go Ducks”…

The game was away and it was nice to enjoy the game in comfortable, dry seats…


And we’re getting excited for this week’s Game Day at the Oregon vs. Washington game in Seattle…GO DUCKS!!

#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 57
University of Colorado Buffaloes – 16