First Day of School 2013

Grace and Owen started a new school year last Tuesday. This first day was particularly significant for us because at the beginning of the summer we moved. The kids started at a new school and you can tell by the looks on their faces that it was quite exciting. I am so proud of these two. There was minimal worry. They were full of confidence and excitement. It has all gone very well so far. They both love their teachers and have found friends in their classes. Neither really missed a beat. They are amazing…

Owen has transitioned very nicely to first grade thanks to being in a full day last year between Pre-K and kindergarten. Grace is a big fourth grader and has done so well with all the change!

And the sweetest thing? Notice that in the pic below they are holding hands. They love each other, spend a lot of time together and watch out for each other. After an entire summer of being together all. the. time. I am so pleased.

First Day



One response to “First Day of School 2013”

  1. Alyce (@AtHomeWithBooks) says :

    They are so sweet! I hadn’t realized that you guys moved. Was it within the same town, or something more major?

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