Owen’s Big Day

Owen had a fun birthday…it was a school day and he got to take treats to Pre-K and Kindergarten as well as special birthday breakfast and dinner at home.

Enjoying Mommy-made cupcakes at Pre-K…the last preschool birthday… P1150837

His friends singing “Happy Birthday” in Kindergarten.

The first bite. He was so sweet on the way to school while we were talking about treats. He knew that he would have ice cream and he asked if he could take sprinkles to put in the ice cream. When I told him that I got Birthday cake ice cream and it had sprinkles in it already he exclaimed “but that’s my favorite kind of ice cream!”

Dinner was BBQ chicken, fruit salad and giant carrot sticks.

Apparently at 6 Daddy will let you light your own candle…

The sweetest little man.

We let him open his present from Grace, the ones from us he opened at his family party…P1150857

Grace picked out a mini frog pillow pet. He has been appropriately named “Froggy.”P1150859

It was a hit!


3 responses to “Owen’s Big Day”

  1. Shelly M. says :

    Happy Birthday Owen!

  2. raylene says :

    I love the pics of him and Froggy:)

  3. Grandma Annie says :

    What a fun birthday week!!
    Grandma Annie

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