Archive | November 11, 2012

Go Ducks #10: Roooaaarrrr!





Ok, are you ready? I have several new pics that I took on the iPad last night…The kids were a bit goofy…Not super happy about the picture quality…is that what iPad pics always look like? Or was it me?


Since it was a late game, the kiddos were only to watch a bit of the game before bedtime…and it was the stressful part!

Yikes, even though we have had many other games this season with a closer scores, this game felt much closer to me than the final score implies. And there were some scary injuries that had me feeling a little nauseous…Not cause they were gross, I hate seeing these guys get hurt, and some of our best ones at that…

We’ve got to say “Gig ‘Em Aggies” (whatever that means). Thanks for beating Alabama:)

GameDay will be at the Duck game against Stanford on Saturday. Woohoo! And as I am writing this the Ducks were just ranked #1 in the AP polls…Yippeee! We’ll see about the BCS, I bet we’re #2. Those computers just don’t get us.

Go Ducks!

#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 59
University of California Golden Bears – 17