Halloween 2012

We had a fun Halloween this year. Danny has traveled for work the last two Halloweens, so this was his first Halloween at this house. Definitely different than we are used to, such a fun atmosphere.

The kids carved their pumpkins on the Sunday prior to Halloween. As you can tell from their attire, we are still experiencing unseasonably warm weather…Owen got his pumpkin from his Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch. Grace got hers from Grandma and Grandpa Ruby’s garden! This is the first year that Owen would actually touch the pumpkin goo. We are making progress!

This year, Grace decided to be Ladybug Girl. Owen was a monkey at Pre-K and then decided on a costume change (to an Army man) for Kindergarten and trick-or-treating…

And I just noticed that they are holding hands in this picture. So sweet.

We even had a compliment while out…a neighbor recognized Owen as “that little guy that’s always riding his bike” and told us that he uses such good “bike manners”. Always good to hear that your kids behave:)

3 responses to “Halloween 2012”

  1. Alyce (@AtHomeWithBooks) says :

    The photos of them holding hands are so sweet!

  2. Sue says :

    This year I missed the Halloween overnights like we had the two previous years, but glad Danny was home and could enjoy the kids and the neighborhood trick or treating — such a good time for the neighbors to be out and about and enjoying the kids! Looks like the kids had a good time with the pumpkins and the dressing up.
    Grandma Annie

  3. grandma ruby says :

    They look like they had fun together, so nice to see they are friends. Thanks for sharing pics

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