N-Asty Sock

Do you ever wonder if your dryer is eating your socks? I have.

We moved here nearly 3 years ago. Owen had a cute pair of wool socks. Shortly after moving here one sock went missing. I have upended his room and not found the missing sock. I kept the other one just in case…

Then, yesterday, I decided to clean the washer with bleach sheets. It had recently developed an odor as front loaders can do. Apparently there are parts to the washer that I didn’t know existed…Parts where socks can get caught and sit for 3 years while never really getting clean, but rather reaching a whole new level of nasty. Nasty that really shouldn’t be in your washing machine…

Surprisingly, after a good clean, the smell is gone! I guess I’ll have to add those washer parts to my cleaning rotation…


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