Go Ducks #7: Stick a fork in ’em

The Ducks totally dominated Arizona State last night. I am always a little torn when they come in and blow a team out of the water and then play all of their 3rd and 4th string guys in the second half…I want the score to really reflect the blow-out that it is…But, those guys are sure getting good playing experience. And I guess that’s not a very good sportsman-like attitude on my part:( I’ll work on that…

Owen’s favorite players this year are our quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and of course De’Anthony Thomas. During each game he talks about playing football for Oregon when he grows up…At dinner this conversation occurred:

Owen: “Grace, do you want to be a cheerleader?”
Grace: “I don’t know.”
Owen: “But if you are a cheerleader then you will get to see me.”
Me: “Why will she get to see you?”
Owen: “Cause, when I’m a grown up I am going to play football for the Ducks.”
(turns to Grace and says) “and if I see you Grace, maybe I’ll come and pick you up!”

#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 43
Arizona State University Sun Devils – 21


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