Autumn, Can You Hear Me?

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I yearn for it around the beginning of August (actually if I am honest, about mid-April), hoping, willing, that it will arrive more quickly.

Counting down how many days pass until we are out of the 90’s and then the 80’s.

Back-to-school sales, school supplies, apples, back to work, football games, extra blankets on the bed. All of those things signal the change in weather…

Or at least they should. This year the change has been underwhelming. I’ll admit it, I am a true Oregonian, it is supposed to rain in the fall. And I love it when it does!

Last Friday, the 5th day of October it was 80 degrees out. It hasn’t rained in 3 months.

Well, according to Joseph, the end is near (or rather the beginning…) of fall that is.

I know there are still signs of fall, the changing leaves, the crisp and cool mornings, but I am ready to have some 60 degree days with rain…and bake pumpkin bread without have to open the doors and windows to keep it cool inside…

To celebrate here are a few pics that my sis took in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. They always just scream “fall” to me.




3 responses to “Autumn, Can You Hear Me?”

  1. raylene says :

    I love the east in the fall. These make me want to buy a plane ticket

  2. kaeley says :

    I was just thinking about going down there on Saturday! The colors aren’t as far along as in these pictures though…

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