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Go Ducks #8





The above pic was from a Go Ducks day last year, it is fun to see how the kiddos have grown in just one year….

I have to admit we didn’t actually tune in to all of this weeks game. It was such a blow-out that we did some errands during the game…We did watch the replay of it with Danny since he missed the game hunting for elusive deer.

We are getting pretty excited for this weekends game against USC:)

#4 University of Oregon Ducks – 70
University of Colorado Buffaloes – 14

Pear “Butt”er

Back in September, in an attempt to hurry the onset of Fall, I made a batch of pear butter. I tried find the recipe I had used before but couldn’t find it. So I just made it up this time.

I peeled, cored and chopped up the Asian pears and put them in the Crock Pot. I added a teaspoon or so of cinnamon and maybe a half of a cup of brown sugar. I let it cook on low most of the day. After the pears had started to get mush, I turned the lid so the steam could cook off and the butter would thicken.

So yummy on bread!

In the bag of pears we found this gem, we set it on the windowsill and laughed over it for awhile:)

Even now when it pops up on the screen saver the kids shout “pear butt!”

Go Ducks #7: Stick a fork in ’em

The Ducks totally dominated Arizona State last night. I am always a little torn when they come in and blow a team out of the water and then play all of their 3rd and 4th string guys in the second half…I want the score to really reflect the blow-out that it is…But, those guys are sure getting good playing experience. And I guess that’s not a very good sportsman-like attitude on my part:( I’ll work on that…

Owen’s favorite players this year are our quarterback, Marcus Mariota, and of course De’Anthony Thomas. During each game he talks about playing football for Oregon when he grows up…At dinner this conversation occurred:

Owen: “Grace, do you want to be a cheerleader?”
Grace: “I don’t know.”
Owen: “But if you are a cheerleader then you will get to see me.”
Me: “Why will she get to see you?”
Owen: “Cause, when I’m a grown up I am going to play football for the Ducks.”
(turns to Grace and says) “and if I see you Grace, maybe I’ll come and pick you up!”

#3 University of Oregon Ducks – 43
Arizona State University Sun Devils – 21

Autumn, Can You Hear Me?

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I yearn for it around the beginning of August (actually if I am honest, about mid-April), hoping, willing, that it will arrive more quickly.

Counting down how many days pass until we are out of the 90’s and then the 80’s.

Back-to-school sales, school supplies, apples, back to work, football games, extra blankets on the bed. All of those things signal the change in weather…

Or at least they should. This year the change has been underwhelming. I’ll admit it, I am a true Oregonian, it is supposed to rain in the fall. And I love it when it does!

Last Friday, the 5th day of October it was 80 degrees out. It hasn’t rained in 3 months.

Well, according to Joseph, the end is near (or rather the beginning…) of fall that is.

I know there are still signs of fall, the changing leaves, the crisp and cool mornings, but I am ready to have some 60 degree days with rain…and bake pumpkin bread without have to open the doors and windows to keep it cool inside…

To celebrate here are a few pics that my sis took in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. They always just scream “fall” to me.




Go Ducks #6: Stomp the Huskies

The Ducks clobbered the Huskies this weekend. Danny was hunting and had the camera with him and so I didn’t get any Go Ducks pics again. So here are a couple of flashback pics. Both were taken in 2007 when we beat the Huskies…

#2 The University of Oregon Ducks – 52
#23 Washington Huskies – 21

Go Ducks #5: Flashback

Saturday’s game was another late one. I forgot to take pictures. So I dipped back into the “Go Ducks” Archives to pull out a blast from the past…

This pic was from “Go Ducks #5” in 2007. We also happened to play Washington State and it was our 5th win of the season, just like this year…We beat them 53-7. Grace was 3 and Owen was 7 months old. Grace had just started her first year of preschool. My how the time flies…

Saturday’s game was a little rocky to start, but the second half was great…Go Ducks!!


#2 University of Oregon Ducks – 51
Washington State Cougars – 26