First Days of School – Owen

Mr. Owen had his first day of his second year of Pre-K on Friday last week. It is old hat to him, but he had fun. His best buddy isn’t there anymore so he is making new friends. He gets to be the “responsible one” in class since he knows all the rules.

Apparently he was confused that he was doing both Pre-K and Kindergarten this year and thought he was just going to Pre-K for Friday…Oops.

And with Big Sis

Then Monday of this week Owen got to start Kindergarten. He did great. He had Pre-K in the morning, then ate lunch in my classroom and then I took him to Kindergarten. He found his hook. Put away his homework and then we found his seat. He started work on his coloring right away. Owen gets to ride the bus home with his big sister in the afternoon.

I think we are going to have a few days of a worn out little boy, but we’d have to make the transition to full day sooner or later!

One response to “First Days of School – Owen”

  1. Grandma Annie says :

    What a big boy, and such a good teacher’s helper! Love you, Owie!!

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