First Day of 3rd Grade

Grace started 3rd grade yesterday. As usual, she was very excited. Up, dressed, breakfast eaten an hour before time to go catch the bus.

Owen and I walked her down and waited with her. She was ready.

Then in the afternoon we waited for her at the park and she walked from the bus with a friend. She briefly filled me in on her day and then informed that she needed to be back at the park at 4:30 to meet her friends.

She is growing up. She is more confident in herself than she was a year ago. If a friend isn’t nice to her, she tells them. And then decides maybe she doesn’t really need that particular friend anyway. Much stronger than I was at her age…

Grace wasn’t able to get her annual back-to-school “bob”, so her hair is getting quite long these days.

And with the sweet little man.


One response to “First Day of 3rd Grade”

  1. Sue says :

    What a super third grader! Grace, you are going to have so much fun learning at school this year!
    Grandma Annie
    P.S. Love the first-day-of-school dress.

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