Riding Two Wheels

Owen tried to ride a two wheel bike a couple of months ago but he was too short to get off and on. The weekend we got back from the cabin, he announced “I’m going to ride a two wheel bike now!”

And that is what he did. He is still too short to just get on and off easily, but he finds a spot where he can get started and then he kind of slows down and “jumps” off when he is ready to stop.

This boy is unstoppable and within the first week had already surpassed what Grace would do on her bike which she has been riding for a year and a half. He may be too comfortable as he has just finished up a week of being grounded from his bike because he goes too far away and likes to ride in the road and on the round about…but doesn’t like to watch for cars…

On day two, he showed Grandma and Grandpa that he could ride and said “do you want to see my cool tricks?” He proceeded to ride up into the neighbors driveway, through their grass and off the curb and kept riding, didn’t even get wobbly.


One response to “Riding Two Wheels”

  1. grandma ruby says :

    Great job Owen, Grandpa and I are so proud of you.

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