Not a Good Sign…

…that this is our kitchen counter…

This is getting ridiculous!

We are going on nearly a month of the sickies in our house.

Owen started it with the stomach flu, then Grace had the croupy cough that turned into pneumonia. Then I have been fighting a cold and now it is heaviness in my chest with a cough. Danny has a cold. And Mr. Owen has a good cruddy cough!

Even Daisy was coughing during the night like she has something in her throat…I know this because I slept part of the night on the couch because I couldn’t stop coughing…and she kept me company.

Here’s to a little bit of rest over the weekend, after the preschool carnival, my Grandma’s b-day party and a little party for our 5 year-old!


One response to “Not a Good Sign…”

  1. lizdooley says :

    Ugh!! So sorry to see that you guys are sick. Prayers for recovery and health. Oh – small world, I was at a birthday party this weekend and found out that your husband went to his MBA program with a good friend of mine’s husband- Jared..

    Hoping you guys can come up for the Ladybug Run- would love to meet you!!


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