In Like a Lion

Well, March roared in around here with only our second snow of the winter and some ice to go with it. No delays or canceled school and as usual it was mostly melted by lunchtime.

Owen is outside right now playing in the last bits of it since I wouldn’t let them play in it before school.

It’s been awhile since I posted as we are just a bit under the weather still. Grace finally went back to school on Monday. She missed all of last week. She was a trooper and did lots of school work over the weekend to take back on Monday.

Owen has been fighting an asthma battle all week. He has a cold and a cough and has been coughing to the point of gagging every night when he goes to bed. I have had to give him lots of cough syrup and cough drops which are actually working for a change. He has also had a few extra rescue nebulizer treatments.

Today the sound of his cough is different which is good, it has gone from wheezy to junky which is always a good change for him.

And now I have a cold. I have fought it all week and hope that I keep fighting it off. At least I don’t work until Tuesday so I can just be exposed to the germs in my home, not the ones at school:)

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to more posting next week!


One response to “In Like a Lion”

  1. Marci Cook Jefferson says :

    I hope you all feel better soon! We had a 2 hour late start up here because of ice, but it was so pretty and sunny this afternoon. Hope to see you all soon!

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