Ittybitties Under the Weather

A little battle of germs has been raging on in our house.

Two weeks ago today Owen had a nasty case of the stomach flu. Poor little man was violently ill for several hours and then was weak with little appetite for a couple of days.

We hoped and prayed that the rest of us wouldn’t get sick. Danny and I just had nausea and stomach pain for several days. Grace was fine.

Then the next week Grace started a seal bark cough. She missed a day of school and then seemed better. Over the weekend she spiked a fever. It was in the 103’s from Saturday to Monday morning when she looked like she was improving.

Then yesterday her fever started to increase again and her cough was getting worse. I  called the pediatrician and we drove down to Eugene. She had crackling in her lower left lung and he said she has pneumonia. She started antibiotics and the doctor said to expect her fever to still be high through today and for her to be out of school all week.

Fortunately, my sweet parents and in-laws have been able to help so that I haven’t missed every day of work this week…

Now we wait, and worry about Owen. He has been doing so well with his asthma. I have actually had him weaned down to the lowest dose of his nebulizer that he has been on since September. He started a slight cough on Saturday so I added back his Xoponex, but for once he is responding to cough syrup and not asthma medicine. Which I take to mean his asthma is in check. Finally.

But Owen has been exposed to his sister for days and pneumonia would be terrible for his little lungs. So we are praying he continues to stay strong and fight it off.

3 responses to “Ittybitties Under the Weather”

  1. Raylene says :

    I was wondering if she was out sick.. I hope she gets better. I am on an antibiotic too and we are all on the mend. She can come play with us and we can all cough together. :)Get well and let me know if you need anything!!!

  2. Allison says :

    Praying Grace is better soon and that He protects Owen from getting it….And you as well.

  3. Laura says :

    how’s everyone feeling????? Praying that everyone is better soon!!!! Go away germs!
    That seal barky thing made it into our family too. 3rd round this season. It can leave now!

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