So, I apparently lost a week on the blog…oops:)

Maybe next week…

Danny and I decided to open a credit union account. Back in the end of December (the 27th to be exact) I went in to one and opened an account. Ordered checks. Ordered debit cards.

As of Tuesday, nearly 5 weeks later, we had not received our debit cards. We have been dancing between two accounts because we had transferred direct deposit, bill pay, etc. to our new account but still need a debit card for so many things.

Well, as of today guess how many debit cards I have?!?!?!

8. eight. EIGHT.


Four arrived yesterday and another four today, by Fed Ex.

It’s funny how something you lack can be so frustrating. Ahh, but an excess of the same thing can also be a bit frustrating just a few days later…

It makes me want to go out and use them a bunch, but unfortunately, 8 debit cards doesn’t mean 8 times the amount of money…

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